Stress Relief in One Word

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Article by Susan Owen-Thursfield

We all get stressed when we take on too much. We live our busy lives at break neck pace with very little time for ourselves. Yet we still say yes when we’re asked if we can help out at the school’s charity cup cake sale or show the important client round the local sites of interest. Why is this? In reality, saying “no” can be one of the most liberating and empowering feelings that you can get. And it can also help to lower your stress levels – something we all need in these stressful times.

But how do you say “no” when someone needs your help? There may not be anyone else who can readily help, Or you may simply feel obliged to say yes. Emotional blackmail can be a powerful force. How can you say “no” without sending your stress levels sky high?

In such circumstances, the best way forward is to explain politely but firmly why you cannot do what is being asked of you. Be honest but considerate in your response. After all you do not want to offend anyone, merely do the right thing by yourself. There is no point in going along with something that you do not wish to do if it is going to make you frustrated and unhappy, and especially not if it means that you will not have time to do something else that you did want to do. There are, after all, only so many hours in the day!

Of course if you find it particularly difficult to say no, it could be because, deep down, you really feel that you are being selfish for saying no and want to say yes. Or it could be because you have not actually made up your mind about the request and are not sure what you should do. Indecision is very stressful. Make sure you consider your options and decide what you want to do as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons why you may not find it easy to say no. One might be a lack of self confidence. Low self esteem can force some people to say yes because they believe it is the only way of getting the attention they crave. They are scared that if they say no, that no-one will notice them anymore. However, constantly doing someone else’s bidding and ignoring our own wants and needs is a sure way to pile on the stress.

For some people agreeing to do things when they want to say know is all about wanting to be liked. Everyone wants to be liked. It is human nature to want to please people we like and love. However, if saying “yes” means that you feel a know tightening in your stomach, then you should say “no” even if you think it will make you unpopular. The chances are, if you explain your reasons politely, it won’t. Instead, you will be respected for giving a definite response in a timely fashion rather than delaying until it is too late for anyone else to be found.

However, if all else fails and you decide that you cannot say no to something, then decide to do it with good grace. There is no point half heartedly doing something because you will be miserable and your lack of enthusiasm will be noticed. Instead throw yourself into your task and be positive about it. You will make lighter work of it, the time will seem to pass more quickly and you might even enjoy yourself!

About the Author

For more practical tips on how to improve your life, click here to download your free ebook or check out my stress relief blog and leave a comment.

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Work Stress Part 2: Add fun to the work place

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Article by Dr Greaeme Teague

My Favorite Work Stress Reliever


This is my personal favorite, something we use to do at university. You may need to be working in a bigger company to do this well, but you can adapt it for smaller businesses.

K.A.O.S or killing as an organized sport. But you don’t kill anyone…

Grab a water pistol and get ready. Firstly you must set the rules and guidelines. But the basics are simple. You each get a name, preferably an alias or fictitious person. This is the person you are trying to kill (remember – pretend kill).

You each have the name, a clue to who they are – their particular role, a personality trait, a visual clue or whatever. You then have to seek them out and try to shoot them with the water pistol. In a large corporation, a photograph where they disguise themselves is good.

Sounds easy, but a few rules make it complicated and harder to achieve….

1. You can’t shoot them at their desk around electrical items (this is a safety issue – remember, electrocution doesn’t count as a kill, and the authorities may ask a few questions)

2. You must identify yourself as their assassin, before you shoot.

3. No head shots – only body shots and they must be able to be clarified by an observer.

4. You miss, you lose.

5. Wrong person, you lose.

6. You are observed by an observer already dead or not playing – you lose.

7. You lose; you must give the opponent your person to shoot. They then have two choices on who to assassinate.

So you have to be sneaky and ready to kill or be killed. Others will try to kill you when you may be lurking around a corner waiting for your target to arrive. You may get shot in the back while stalking another.

The goal is to be the last one standing. As you kill someone, you get their person. However, if you are caught trying for a kill, the next person has their target and yours. So they have two people to get, which gives them more chances as to who to aim for and when.

This is supposed to be fun, no aggression, no fighting, just fun. So be aware of those you may annoy if they don’t want to play.

If you have computers or electrical appliances that may create a problem, ban areas like these for playing. Or don’t use a water pistol; try sticking post-it notes to peoples backs without them noticing. Harder, but more invention, skill and cunning is required.

But adapt this or modify this to play KAOS in your workplace. Have a trophy to play for, introduce other sports similar and play for the overall champion.


Have fun at work, laugh more, enjoy the company of your fellow workers. With less stress and more fun in the workplace…

The boss will appear more approachable, workers will appear happier. But the workplace will thrive. More enjoyment, more understanding of everyone’s stresses, a collective approach to a lot of work issues. But staff will tend to talk more; issues won’t be swept under the table, but kept in the open and dealt with early.

A fun activity and beneficial for the workplace as a whole. Best of all, something to look forward to at the end of a busy day, week and month.

Fast Stress Relief is dedicated to teaching you ways to remove stress; simply, easily and quickly. Using a combination of Eastern and Western techniques – stress can be removed, repelled and prevented… fast.

For all the Tips & Techniques to Reduce Stress and Boost Your Energy simply click here…

About the Author

Dr Graeme Teague has been in private practice since 1991, teaching and treating many clients with emotional and general health conditions.

Through his many teaching seminars and extensive professional knowledge, he has now released two new e-books on the many simple and effective ways to be healthy and stress free.

His new web-site is dedicated to teaching you ways to improve your health with orthodox and natural techniques.

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Stress Relief through Laser Therapy – Is It Right for You?

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Article by Rey Portillo

Laser therapy uses acupuncture techniques. Low frequency lasers are administered to specific pressure points on the body that is to receive treatment such as the arms, wrists, face, hands, etc. This process is said to release tension, while increasing circulation, which in turn produces endorphins that stimulate the nerves within the body. It is believed that the body is able to relax if enough endorphins are released in the body. The body is then able to rid itself of toxins. The lasers stimulate all of the stored energy that your body naturally holds. Laser therapy involves pain relief, stress-relieving relaxation techniques as well as other healing methods. Laser treatments are safe, they don

Stress Relief and Natural Mood Enhancers

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Article by Alan Moore

Stress relief can sometimes appear to be something of a holy grail – you seem to be continually bombarded by negative people, too much work, not enough play and a feeling that everything is getting on top of you.

If you are looking for a way to relieve stress, take a close look at your diet and consider how it can elevate your mood and help to manage your stress.

Certain foods are natural mood enhancers. These include:

Dairy products. Dairy is high in protein and so help to improve a physical response to stress. You can take dairy in milk or cheese and expect less physical problems due to stress as well as enjoying a lighter mood.

Fish. Fish that is rich in fatty acids, such as salmon, is good for the body as well as the mind. We all know that fish is considered “brain food,” but fish that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids is a natural way to treat depression. There are studies that indicate that people who suffer from depression related to stress have low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in their body;

Strawberries. These can help to keep your blood sugar levels stable, which can cause stress. Strawberries are a natural way to stabilize your mood and they are a lot tastier than any kind of SSRI medication;

Spinach. Folic acid is vital to good health and spinach is high in this B vitamin. Studies have also indicated that people who have low levels of folic acid are more prone to depression. Folic acid has a tendency to increase serotonin naturally, which is precisely the way that medications to treat depression work on the brain;

Turkey. This is another food that can boost the serotonin. Turkey contains an amino acid called Tryptophan which can actually make you calm. Remember how sleepy you felt after eating Thanksgiving dinner last year? That was from the Tryptophan, a natural tranquilizer;

Brazil Nuts. These contain selenium, which is another mood enhancer, however, too much of this can prove toxic for your system so eat these nuts sparingly, but include them in your diet;

Complex carbohydrates. These also contain tryptophan and, although we have been warned to “stay away from carbs” these past few years, we need complex carbs, not simple carbs. If you are watching your diet, stay away from simple carbohydrates, such as cakes, cookies and sweets, but eat complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes, that are rich in tryptophan;

Clams, Oysters, Cottage Cheese – all are high in Vitamin B12. Raw clams and oysters have been considered an aphrodisiac for a long time, but cottage cheese is also rich in this vitamin that has been known to enhance your mood and stave off stress.

If you are not getting enough of these foods in your daily diet, consider taking a multi vitamin or a supplement. If you are suffering from stress, it could be because you are deficient in vitamin B as well as Omega-3 acids.

Eating a proper diet is essential to stress relief, so why not give it a try and become a happier person?

About the Author

Alan Moore used to be a stressed teacher. He still teaches but has now found ways to relax and chill. Want to know how he did it?Visit for stress relief and relaxation tools.Live longer!

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Is Your New Relationship The Cause of Your Stress and Anxiety?

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Article by Michele Willmott

I met my wonderful husband in 2001. After only a few days I described him as “the nicest man I had ever met!” Sounds a little bit boring maybe? But “nice” was good, reliable, easy, trustworthy and just felt really wonderful. There were no games being played for a change and this was a huge relief. Like many 30 “somethings” I had previously gone through a messy break up from a long-term relationship. Messy in terms of many a deep psychological scar left to rear its ugly head at any point. I remember John Gray saying in the very well known book ‘Men are from Mars Women are from Venus’, that when we meet the person of our dreams we are far more likely to experience or suffer from emotional episodes. All the anger, upset, fear and so on which we have been suppressing, decide to start a competition between themselves to see who can come up the quickest and have the deepest, traumatic impact. Suddenly our emotions now have a safe haven to come up. We feel subconsciously that it is okay for us to be vulnerable with this new person who makes us feel so safe. However, we often are not prepared for the resulting onslaught of stressful and exhausting emotions. This is exactly what happened to me! I couldn’t sleep; I had digestive problems and food intolerances. I became a highly strung, stress head who couldn’t handle things going wrong and who exercised the maximum amount of impatience at those closest to her for almost no reason whatsoever. Much of this stress and anxiety was no doubt due to the fact that I was scared out of my brains that this relationship was going to go wrong too! I am sure my future husband thought he had met and fallen in love with a basket case. Why does that happen when you so want to be cool and clever and funny and relaxed? Especially when you have just met the most horizontal, calm and laid back person on the planet. So what saved my life and my relationship? Absolutely & without a doubt, meditation. I now realise why nearly every book I read on the theme of personal development shouts from the rooftops “Meditate, Meditate, Meditate”. I bought a book and taught myself. Soon it became a regular practice.So what is all the fuss about meditation? The new me, as a result of meditation, is so much calmer less stressed, positive, sleeps like a baby even with hubby snoring, and has a growing empathy with other people and their situations. Above all I am so much more adept at keeping tabs on my internal chatterbox, which, if we are not careful can run away with itself and encourages “catastrophic thinking”. People often wonder what are best ways to reduce stress. Meditation is a fantastic, amazing way of helping you reduce your stress levels and to become aware of and deal with negative emotions in a much more objective and altogether positive way. It is not about suppressing and burying our emotions, but it allows us to get to a place where we can feel the emotion arising and then choose a more appropriate response. This response will come from a place inside ourselves, from a place of peace. Okay, so this does not necessarily happen every time but we get better and better at it the more we practice. Like anything, it takes time and practice. We are not going to improve our cardiovascular fitness and maintain it at a good level without regular training. So unfortunately, for those people who have tried meditation once or twice and said to themselves, “it’s no good I can’t do it, I have too many thoughts going round in my head”, then the lack of practice or desire to achieve maximum results in the minimum of time would be the reason why!If you knew though how much calmer, centred and better placed you would be to start your day as a result of meditation then maybe you could possibly find 10 or 15 minutes to sit down and have some blissful, peaceful and still time to yourself. Peter McWilliams sums the benefits of the process up in the following quote; “some people think that meditation takes time away from physical accomplishment. Taken to extremes of course that is true. Most people, however find that meditation creates more time than it takes”. If you would like to meditate but would like some help please feel free to email me at:

About the Author

I am passionate about helping people to feel good about themselves and their lives. I love that coaching enables me to see people at their most amazing selves,! I am a qualified Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher. I enjoy working with a number of UK Television personalities and coach individuals from all walks of life.ways to reduce stress

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Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Review

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Article by Mutu

“Are You FINALLY Ready To Claim Back Your Peace of Mind and Triumph Over The Battle Against Stress?If Yes,Then Discover The One Simple Method That Could Change Everything!…”So Get Ready To Rejuvenate and Re-Energise Your Mind & Body Through The Amazing Power of Music and Sound Therapy Today!!

Dear Friend,

If you’re feeling stressed-out,overworked and run-down and you feel like life’s trouble getting on top of you.You are not alone.There are so many things in life that can make you feel “stressed out”,and when you are constantly being pressured by everyday life,the world can feel like an overwhelming place to live in.

Feeling stressed often seems quite normal these days,but finding the time to relax and have a quiet moment is absolutely crucial to your health and wellbeing.

When you are mentally re-energised and relaxed,you work and play at your best,and any problem you face can be easily solved.But when you are exhausted,burnt-out and agitated,the tiniest molehill can seem like the biggest mountain!But The Truth Is,Stress Doesn’t Need To Be Such A Big Part Of Your Life…

You could be stressed out right now and you may not even know it.And that’s probably because you’ve been experiencing it for so long that you dismiss it as entirely normal!And in order to overcome your stress and anxiety with the right strategies and techniques,you first need to identify your stressors.

Let me ask you a few questions….

Are you suffering from work stress or anxiety?Do you feel emotionally burnt-out or overwhelmed?Do you have caregiver stress?Do you find it difficult to “switch off” and relax?Do you suffer from mood swings?Are you looking for simple stress management techniques?Do you feel unable to deal with new challenges or situations?Do you have trouble sleeping?Are you a student struggling with exam stress and anxiety?Do you have sudden panic attacks?Are you a struggling with parenting stress,and need practical techniques to help you deal with it effectively?Do you have relationship stress and need a way to relieve your tensions?Have you tried to tackle your stress before,but failed to keep it under control?Do you suffer with depression?Do you have post-traumatic stress disorder?Do you have a problem managing your anger issues?Have you developed negative stress habits and want to conquer stress positively?Are you looking for different ways to learn how to improve your mental wellness?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above,then The Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course is exactly what you need.

SSRS Premium CourseThis Is The Only Guide To Stress Relief That You Will EVER Need,And It’s At Your Fingertips,RIGHT NOW!

By choosing to sign up today for the Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Premium Course,you’ll discover:

What sound therapy is,and how it’s being used to control,reduce,and even eliminate stress for millions of people all over the world!All the stress-relief techniques and tricks needed to help you relax and remain stress-free,forever…How sound therapy can make you less prone to illness and disease,such as heart attacks,cancer and many other health-related problems that can take years off your life…How to get a great night’s sleep EVERY NIGHT,and wake up feeling refreshed,energized,and without a care in the world!What it REALLY feels like to be more relaxed and care-free than you’ve ever been in your entire life?!How music and sound therapy will help you regain control of your mind,and say goodbye to panic attacks,anxiety and insomnia once and for all…Why so many of your health problems are caused by stress,and what you need to do to stop “the silent killer” taking hold of you and ruining your life…How sound therapy can improve your health and keep illness at bay…

Discover positive ways to release your inner tensions right now,with a course that was specifically designed for someone just like you…Finally Take Control of Your Stress,And Start Feeling Calmer and More Relaxed Right Now!

What you’ll receive with The Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course…

This fantastic stress-busting package is choc-full of everything you’ll ever need to control and reduce your stress levels,soothe your soul and improve your health.

The course contains e-books on what music therapy is and how you should apply it,information and tips on implementing the best relaxation therapy techniques,workbooks so that you can track and document your progress.

In addition,listen to soothing sounds consisting of 43 tracks split into 4 MP3 album files,scientifically designed to reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.

And if that isn’t enough,you’ll also receive six amazing bonus MP3s too!

But only if you sign up TODAY…

If you do,you’ll receive all of this straight to your inbox,enabling you to begin your journey towards a happy,healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

Don’t delay…

Grab your copy of The Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course TODAY,and give in to the incredible power of Soothing Sounds…

This amazing stress-busting package will give you all the tools to take control of your mind,soothe your soul and reduce the risk of stress-related health problems,both now and in the future.

Download Click here

So what are you waiting for?Don’t You Think It’s Time To Capture Your Moment of Serenity?

Within The Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course,you’ll discover the following:

How to identify what stress is,and how best to deal with it…How to identify the type of stress YOU have,and how to get rid of it instantly!The personality types that are most vulnerable to stress…How to use music as a way of de-stressing…What relaxation techniques are best suited to you and your personality…How changing your brainwaves can alter your state of mind,helping you to reduce stress,anxiety,depression,sleep problems,and much more besides…How to choose the right sound therapy technique that will work for YOU…How to relax in the midst of chaos and disorder and be the envy of your friends and family!How to overcome anxiety and panic attacks with positive relaxation habits…How to relieve your stress naturally,with no medication…The best and worst ways of relaxing…The power of music therapy on your mind and body…How to avoid negative habits that lead to increased stress levels,and ultimately,illness…How to plan a successful stress relief strategy…How to use sophisticated brainwave entrainment tools to relieve your stress…How to create a relaxing environment at home and work…How to recognise your personal stress triggers…How to build a resilient mindset to combat the dangers of stress…How to beat insomnia with the sound of music!..How to cope with stress and anxiety positively..How to create a stress free lifestyle with right relaxation techniquesAnd much more!

Reserve Your Copy of The Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course Today And Get Ready To Start Living a Happier,Healthier Life!

Download Click here

About the Author

Download Click here

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Natural Stress Relief for the Holidays

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Article by Natalie Amoia

The holiday season has arrived, but unfortunately this beautiful peaceful season is most commonly turned into a highly stressful season for most.

There is always too much to do, not enough time and not enough money. Family issues always arise and memories of a lost loved one can create much sadness. All these factors add to this stressful time of year.

So why not bring the peace and harmony back into this glorious season with some natural stress relief? Incorporating essential oils and essential oil blends into one’s lifestyle will help relieve holiday stress naturally. Remember, you can’t change the stressful situations that arise, but you can change your response to those same situations.

Either applied topically or diffused these are my favorite essential oils and essential oil blends for natural stress relief throughout the holiday season or any season.

My first favorite is Lavender Oil. Lavender is traditionally known to balance the body systems. It can ease nervous tension and calm the nervous system.

My next choice for natural stress relief is Peace and Calming. This is probably my favorite essential oil blend. It contains Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Blue Tansy. These oils have historically been used to help reduce depression, anxiety, stress and tension. It can be so useful at the end of a stressful day to promote relaxation and peace. The scent itself is so beautiful and peaceful that it’s perfect to use after a long day of holiday shopping.

Then next incredible essential oil bland for stress relief is Tranquil. This blend combines 3 oils that are highly regarded for their calming and relaxing properties. Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile are perfect together for calming the nerves and/or emotions at the end of a long day or in times of stress. It may also help one relax before going to bed.

And finally, one of the most effective blend of oils is Stress Away. Just the name says it all. This unique blend of Vanilla, Lime, Copaiba, Cedarwood, Ocotea and Lavender relieves daily stress, encourages relaxation, and reduces nervous tension. Can be applied topically to wrists, temples, neck, or any desired area as needed. The aroma itself can “take you away.”

Essential oils and essential oil blends are fabulous for natural stress relief. So, during this holiday season don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Sit back and let your favorite essential oils work to keep you stress-free this holiday season.

About the Author

Natalie Amoia, the Essential Oil Mom has been studying therapeutic grade essential oils for several years. She helps moms to make better health choices for themselves and their families by sharing the options and benefits essential oils provide. For more information visit

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The Truth About Stress Relief

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Article by Elsabe Smit

Is life stressful? Yes, of course. Are there ways to relieve stress? Yes, of course.

For most people the way to relieve stress is to take a tranquilliser, a sleeping pill, a cigarette or a drink of alcohol. Do any of these crutches relieve stress? No, they don’t. They simply dull the symptoms of stress.

And the more people rely on these chemical crutches for stress relief, the more they get stressed, because now their bodies have to fight the stress as well as the chemical imbalances.

How is stress defined?

If you do a search on the internet, you will either find many causes of stress, or an acknowledgement that it is not possible to relieve stress.

I do not agree with either view. There are not many causes of stress. It is possible to define stress.

Is for example moving house stressful? Yes, and no. For some people moving house is quite exciting, for example two people in a relationship who move in together, or a family moving to a larger house. For other people moving house is quite stressful, for example moving into a care home or losing your house and moving into rented accommodation.

Or is getting a divorce stressful? For a man who has to pay a large amount of maintenance it could be stressful. However, if the same man was abused by his spouse, the divorce could actually be a relief.

You will find long lists of so-called causes of stress everywhere. None of those life events are really causes of stress. They are all symptoms of stress.

Then what causes stress?

Stress is nothing other than an inner division or inner tension. The level of tension depends on how the person perceives the situation. Where a person has one view of themselves and they get opposite information from the world around them, this causes division and tension.

The inner division is like stretching a rubber band to its limit. While the rubber band is being stretched, you experience emotional and often physical pain. This pain can be dulled by chemical substances, but it does not go away. The rubber band keeps stretching.

If you ignore that inner rubber band, the rest of your body tries to come to the rescue. What is the result? Physical dis-ease elsewhere in your body. Because your body is a fully balanced mechanism, until you ignore that balance and suppress the signs of imbalance.

What happens when that rubber band snaps? You have a nervous breakdown, or a mid-life crisis, or some serious physical illness.

Does that resolve the stress? Of course not. Now you are stressed out as well as physically or mentally unwell.

How can you avoid the consequences of ignored stress?

The first step is to acknowledge the stress. Where you experience the consequences of stress, you need to recognise that something is off balance.

The next step is to do some inner exploration to determine what is causing your internal division. This tension is invariably something that you have a perception about. The only way to relieve your stress is to change your perception.

Does this mean you are always wrong and therefore you always have to change? Of course not. This is not about being right or wrong. This is about outgrowing a belief system and adopting a different belief system at a higher level.

The stress happens when you deny the need to change, and use your entire body and all your emotions to resist the required change.

Life has a way of forcing us to change if we refuse to do what comes natural. And how do we react? We grab chemicals and search for someone to blame. Neither of these solutions work.

The only solution that works is to take ownership of your situation and understand what needs to change. Then change yourself and see how the situation resolves itself. This takes courage, but that is what we are here for. It is possible.

About the Author

Elsabe Smit is a professional transition coach, helping individuals and companies to achieve their personal and commercial objectives. What is the one thing which is consuming all your energy at the moment? Visit for a new modular course that will equip you to deal with any stressful situation.

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Play Your Stress Away In Funtime: Stress Relief Games

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Article by Paul Phillips

Can stress relief games really help ease your feelings tension and anxiety? Definitely.

It’s true that stress is often caused by outside factors that we have no control over, like having to pay for a new water heater, or having to take up the slack for an absent co-worker. But how we deal with those outside stressors can make things worse.

Many people dealing with stressful situations try to hold things in, keep it all together, and stay in control. But what they actually need is an effective outlet, a way to just let themselves go for a while and get everything out.

And that’s where stress relief games can help.


Physical exercise is often a great way to deal with stress. Once you are in the pool swimming laps, you will soon forget about the problems at work. And hitting a tennis ball for an hour or so is a great way to work out your frustrations.

People usually feel better after they’ve done something fun and active for a little while.

Fun is the key. Doing a workout probably won’t relieve as much stress as playing an actual game or sport, like basketball, would. If you are trying to relieve stress, make sure you are doing something you really enjoy.

Board and Parlor Games

How many times have you been really stressed out about something? Then something happens to give you a good laugh, and whatever was bothering you doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

There is truth to the saying that laughter is the best medicine, so playing funny board or parlor games is a great way to relieve stress.

It’s hard not to laugh during a fun game of charades. And you can find games online that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Games That Occupy Your Mind

One way to relieve your stress is to get your mind off of whatever is causing it. And playing menatlly stimulating games is a great way to do that.

There are plenty of games online that will occupy your mind and keep you from thinking about your troubles. Choose games that are challenging enough to hold your interest, but not so challenging they would cause you to feel frustrated.

If you like pencil puzzles, buy several puzzle books, along with a good supply of mechanical pens, and stash them around your home or office.

Jigsaw puzzles are also good stress relievers.

Stress relief games are a great way to ease your feelings of tension and anxiety. Whether it’s engaging in physical activity, playing games online, or solving pencil puzzles, you are bound to find a game that will help you manage your stress.

About the Author

I, Paul Phillips am a health writer researcher. I graduated in ‘Biological Sciences’ which includes biochemistry, physiology and nutrition. I have worked in various related research and development labs. I am always willing to give advice and help people in my field. For more information please try the link below

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Relaxation Music CDs: your surefire way to stress relief

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Article by gardnerwilkinson

Relaxation music soothes your brain after hectic work or during high-stress moments. Listen to Yanni before attending a corporate meeting. Chances are you’ll deliver a much better sales pitch than others. Again, the night before that crucial examination, play some oriental music and burn some incense before you go to sleep. You will wake up feeling fresh, ready to take on the horrors of the examination.

Listening to music is one of the surefire ways to beat stress and also to fortify the mind against it. Always carry some CDs containing good stress relieving music and a Discman. That way, whenever you need to relieve some stress or need a quick pick me up, the music that you need will be just one button press away. Many online sites have good collection of relaxation music tracks. You can download these tracks for a small fee. At times, these sites also offer to burn your selected music to a CD. That way, you can choose the tracks you want in the CD and pay the fee via credit card. They will create the CD from your selected tracks and courier the CD to you. This is a good way of creating a huge collection of relaxation music. The process is even better than buying precompiled CDs since you don’t have to depend on any third party to choose the tracks of their choice for you. You are in full control over your collection here.

Various online stores provide good stress relief music CDs. These have an extensive collection of relaxation music CDs that you can shop for. These CDs contain perfect music tracks for relaxing the mind and rejuvenating the body as you listen to them. The collections are extensive with many great titles. These tracks can help you get a good night’s sleep. They can enhance your self esteem and help you achieve success at your workplace. Even after a hard day’s work, these tracks can help you relax your body and rejuvenate your mind. These CDs are, however, precompiled. Still, with experts like them, you can rely on the fact that the collections would not be that bad in the first place.

Relaxation music CDs are the best ways of carrying your kind of mind-boosting music along with you wherever you go. A good collection of music like this is surely worth its weight in gold. So, go ahead. Craft your very own collection today!

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