Meditation CDs Replacing Manual Instructions in A Better Way

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Article by Jonsonmak

Meditation is a medium and medication to ensure psychological well-being of the practioners. It is an age-old method to help your mind to be at peace and brain activities at rest. Though meditation is often perceived as a way to experience divine bliss but in reality, it helps the meditators get into a stage of complete relaxation and refreshment, thereby ensuring mental calmness and physical fitness for the practitioners. Apart from the human trainers, the meditation CDs are also providing instructions as to how to meditate.The techniques of meditation have evolved a lot since the ancient age to nowadays. But one point is common to all of these techniques and that is each of them improves the mental state of human being by sweeping away the negating thoughts and filling the void space with positive thinking. Meditation is benefitting all including the top-tier professionals, ambitious students, aging individuals, youngsters, sportsmen and housewives. All of us suffer from mental disorder at one point of time or another. The best way to get rid of mental turbulence is to practice meditation under an experienced trainer or follow the instructions of the meditation CDs.The world is spinning faster and all of us have willingly or unwillingly got involved in the rat race. We are only focused on our material success and in order to achieve it we have almost forgotten that it is the failure that makes the strong pillar of achievement. A constant drive to succeed in every sphere of life fills our mind with unwanted anxiety, tension and frustration. The best and most probably the only way to release tension is to practice meditation techniques for anxiety. Regular practice of meditation refreshes our mind, reprograms our brain functions and rearranges our thoughts to drive us with the renewed energy and towards a positive direction. It takes time for the beginners to imbibe the art of meditation but with sincere effort and regular practice, they can surely learn the meditation techniques for anxiety. The meditation CDs are also of great help in this regard.Heightened energy is the staying power of every individual in this competitive world. But energy gets lost and therefore needs refilling from time to time and this can be best done by dint of meditation. Moreover, mental refreshment has a stronger influence on our physical health and vice versa. Meditation techniques for anxiety refresh our mind, thereby reenergizing our body. The main objective of this kind of meditation technique is to help the meditators earn greater control over their thoughts and make the most of their hidden potentialities. Generally the beginners make a visit to the meditation clubs to learn the right postures. But they can do it at home too with the help of the guided meditation CDs. These CDs come with the step-wise instructions in a layman

How To Get Over Being Shy – Overcoming Shyness Manual

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Article by Claire Adams

It is likely to miss a lot of the good stuff that life has to offer if you are quite the shy type of person. And it is common for others to take you for granted simply for the inability to speak your mind in certain social situations. You can always sit there alone and watch others having a good time with other people or you can start learning how to get over being shy. If you want to change for the better but just does not seem to know where to start, you might want to learn the trend of conquering the shyness.It is just normal to be shy at times and hold your ground. But there are times that you just need to get out of your shell. This is why it is important to find ways on how to get over being shy especially if you are introverted quite often. There are situations in life that require you to interact appropriately and keeping quiet in one corner will simply not help. Access Overcoming Shyness Manual Now!Worse, you might get yourself misinterpreted by others for simply not trying to reach out. To get you into a good start and finally overcoming the fear of interacting to other people, it helps to have someone of a close friend to give you some support. There are lots of ways for you to learn how to go along with other people however will not require a lot of effort from you at all. You can either bar hop or perhaps shop for instance and just savor the moment while you are at it. Unknowingly, you are starting to loosen up the tension that keeps you from being overly shy.Being bashful in some cases is considered to be rude by a majority of people. When it comes to girls, this can also be quite true more often than not. If you still find it hard to learn how to get over being shy despite the help of a friend, it is clever to consult a life coach. That way you will discover what keeps you from being extremely timid.Access Overcoming Shyness Manual Now!

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Dream Interpretation Manual For Beginners

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Article by Jeremiah Boor

Dreams are complex items and it takes lot of time and expertise to be able to interpret them successfully. Nonetheless you will find certain things which are typical to all dreams, so in this guide I will take you by way of some of the most important points to keep in mind. They will not make you an expert overnight but these ideas are a great starting point for interpreting yours and others dreams.

Very first of all you need to don’t forget that dream interpretation is not an precise science. That implies that there could be many different interpretations of a particular dream, so just due to the fact an individual else comes up with a different one does not mean that they’re wrong.

Secondly, all beginners ought to bear in mind that everything that takes place in a dream is referring to you and your personality. By way of example if you’re dreaming about loved ones then this reflects your personality and emotions, although in case you are dreaming of solid objects including a vehicle then this refers to your body. This is probably one of the hardest rules for beginners to follow, so don’t forget when you are trying to interpret a dream that every thing within the dream is concerning the dreamer.

You need to also don’t forget that not all dreams are as they seem and even random events will normally be connected in some way. Try and discover a frequent thread in between the distinct parts of the dream. The individual dreaming is constantly in full control of what occurs even when it seems as though they’re being affected by an outside control.

Once you are looking in the characters in a dream keep in mind that they are all representing portion of the dreamer’s personality. Try and function out which component of the dreamer each and every of the character represents to ensure that you can function out what the dream is representing.

Dream interpretation is not effortless and is normally very subjective. As I mentioned prior to, two folks can follow the same dream interpretation guide and come up with fully different outcomes for what a dream may mean. Even so the more skilled you get at interpreting your dreams, the more you will be able to work out the meaning of a dream a lot more accurately – practice is crucial. On the web forums are a superb way of comparing your dream analysis with other men and women to see whether or not you might be on the correct track or whether or not you’ve got a totally diverse interpretation of a dream than other people may possibly have.

The interpretation must not be taken lightly. It’s some thing which can change your life. It can give a new meaning to your life. You’ll be able to surely start living a far better and improved life. So pay attention towards the dream interpretation. You will need a dictionary since this can assist you to in numerous approaches. Some of the methods are described here.

In case you have studied dream interpretation, you would absolutely know how essential it really is to have an interpretation dictionary. You can not know significantly concerning the dreams with no the interpretation dictionary.

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“An Excerpt from “Midlife Dating Manual for Women”

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Article by Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach

MUSTARD, MAYO, CUT THE PICKLESTrust radius, an EQ competency, suggests trusting someone until you have been proven wrong, but you don’t want to damage yourself in the process. Midlife dating has its perils, and if you’ve been out of the dating world for some time, you’ll need a refresher course. First of all, you have to know what you want, because, like the wall of pantyhose or cheeses you stare at in the supermarket, there are now 500 choices, where there used to be three. Okay, two if you were Catholic. But today you can “have it your way,” and you can’t imagine what this means to some men!So when you get to the drive-in window, know what you want. Companionship without commitment? Is that with or without sex? Do you want long-term and sex? Is that with or without commitment? Friend with benefits? Benefits without friendship? Marriage? Is that marriage with or without fidelity? (What do you mean “Am I kidding?”)Nearly two thirds of the 27,000,000 singles over the age of 50 in the US say they don’t date because they prefer being single, and 9% say they would not date ever, under any circumstances, so you can’t assume anything.You need to know your own expectations and goals, to find out those of the man you’re dating, and then get some definitions of the terms. This is why you communicate, and don’t be shy! The heart you save could be your own. Most men will say what they want without beating around the bush. But they don’t volunteer it (why use words until you have to?), you must ask.Martha asked Rob about marriage after they’d been dating a while, and he replied, “Oh, one woman would never be enough for me.” Martha was then sure she was the woman who would be. She wasn’t listening. Whenever he told her he’d never met anyone like her, her wishful thinking interpreted that to mean “…and so I’ll be one he’ll be faithful to.” Guess what? She was wrong. Barring the incorrigible sociopath, men don’t lie, women just ignore what they hear because they don’t want to hear it. Martha ended up hurt, but you can’t say Rob lied or had bad intentions. He put it right out there. She just refused to believe it.One reason we do this is because men are big fabricators, especially when they’re courting. When they’re trying to get you into bed, you’ll get a steady stream of head-spinning affirmations, which should be taken with a grain of salt. HOWEVER, even during this fragile period, when asked a direct question, i.e., “Do you want a committed long-term relationship?” they will answer truthfully. It’s part of the peculiar and contradictory Male Honor Code. THE MALE HONOR CODE PART IIAnother part of the Male Honor Code is “what’s good for the gander is not good for the goose.” He honestly believes, and may honestly expect you to “understand,” that it’s not cheating if he sleeps with another woman, but that it is cheating if you sleep with another man. Don’t be fooled that because he demands fidelity from you it means he requires it of himself. He’ll likely deny there’s any connection. “That’s different,” he will say, with a perfectly straight face, just as if he were making sense. They do not seem to outgrow this with age. They do not necessarily become more comprehensible! “I LOVE YOU” OUT OF CONTEXTBecause men are not as adept with words and nuances, when he says something like “I love you,” watch to see if be behaves that way; if he acts that way. He may not actually know what the word “love” means. (Perhaps your first husband did not!) Unless they bottom out, men get better at courting with age, and it’s one of life’s greatest thrills. Enjoy it. Just stick around to see what lies on the other side of it. “I love you” may mean “I want your body” to him, while to you it may mean “I am ready to make a commitment, to be kind and faithful to you, to respect you and care about you …”Be wary of the phrase “I love you” if you haven’t dated in a while. Men of the Silent Generation (born before 1944) generally uttered those three words only at the end of a long and serious courtship. It was tantamount to a marriage proposal, and was likely to be said only once, unless one of you happened to be on a deathbed or something. “Why do I have to say it? I married you didn’t I?” was the response. You see what “I love you” meant back then?? As sacred as Yahweh, it was not to uttered. Not so these days! Both men and women these days are more emotionally expressive, and use the phrase much more lightly than you may be accustomed to. When your guy says it, it can mean:·I have no idea, but I know women want to hear it.·I’m feeling great and into myself.·I love myself.·Will you marry me?·That’s not what I said. I was clearing my throat.·A lifetime commitment.·That was great sex.·Let’s have great sex.·We’re having great sex.·I don’t know, but when the guy in the movie said it, he got laid.“I LOVE YOU” IN CONTEXTIt matters what precedes and follows the phrase, and how long the time-gap was. If the word “but” is anywhere around it, there will be tears.When followed several weeks later by “I care about you very much,” “I love you” meant “I was hot for you but this has gotten too heavy and now I’m outa here.”When preceded immediately by “I have to tell you something. I’m married but I love you,” it means “I’m hot for you, this will never get heavy, but I hope you won’t kick me outa here.”You see how complicated it gets!There’s no general meaning or even non-meaning for the term with men. Man are from their OWN planet. It isn’t even as easy as to say they’re all from the same OTHER planet. THE MALE HONOR CODE PART IIIIt does remain true that if you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question. This takes us back to the Male Honor Code. Remember that direct questions get direct, rational answers; that is, untempered by sensitivity. Being generally lower in empathy, if you ask your man, “Does this make my butt look fat?” (which you wouldn’t ask if you didn’t think it did), and he answers, “Yes. Very,” don’t say I didn’t warn you.A last part of the Male Honor Code is about “don’t kiss and tell.” This comes up in intimate conversations. You are discussing a relationship or sexual issue, and sharing a past experience in order to increase understanding, to improve things, to make a point, and because you value your relationship to him the most. Then it’s his turn to share, and here’s what you get: “I don’t kiss and tell.” I don’t think it has to do with empathy. It’s more like if there’s one thing that’s gotten through to them, it would be that to talk about sex with another woman would get them castrated. It could also be that while you were talking about making out on a beach with a pina colada in your hand, he was flashing on something about a Mile High Club, himself, 3 stewardesses, a seeing-eye dog, Murat the Turk, some duct tape, and a hookah.WHEN WORDS ARE LACKINGWhile men will talk about their former spouses, the ones who had divorce filed on them usually claim to have no clue as to why. It always just happened out of the blue. “I walked in one day and she’d taken all her things. I had no idea she was unhappy. If your guy is doing this, understand that his interpersonal relationship skills aren’t the highest (again, no reason per se to disqualify him) and that you’re going to have to deal with problems very directly. I can’t imagine a woman divorcing a man who hadn’t spent sometimes years belaboring the same points, which, because he doesn’t know why he was “left,” means he never heard them, which is why she left. Words had more or less become meaningless. Perhaps you, with more age, wisdom and experience, can have better luck!I don’t speak or understand “Martian” any better than you do; I’ve just learned alternate means of communication over the years which work better. How about you? Communicating with a man in a daily relationship has been likened to training a dog. Reasoning doesn’t work. Explaining doesn’t work. Begging doesn’t work. Clear commands and quick, consistent consequences do. And, as with your dog, you must figure out how to get his attention first. It may mean removing the remote control, or even swatting a rolled newspaper on the coffee table. Do what you have to do! After all, the way they learned not to “kiss and tell” was because they did once!

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©Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach, Susan is an Emotional Intelligence coach who works with women in midlife, and is the author of “Midlife Dating Manual for Women,” available on her website. for FREE ezine.

How To Overcome Shyness With Girls – Overcoming Shyness Manual

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Article by Claire Adams

Despite the number of tools that can boost one’s self esteem, still many face the problem of being quite the shy type when it comes to girls. It may seem normal for other people to not have the guts to face women but if you look at it more closely, this can lead to more serious problems if not carefully given any attention. What you need is to learn how to overcome shyness with girls with a bit of help from a reliable guide. This way you can gain more success in dealing with the problem without much effort on your end.There are lots of ways to overcome your fear to women. However, you must first find out if it is really girls that make you stop on your tracks or perhaps you might be suffering a severe case of social phobia. Though in some cases, these may seem alike, it really helps to distinguish which one you are suffering from. If you are sure enough that you are here to learn how to overcome shyness with girls, then it is ideal to consider giving yourself some major makeover. To help you conquer the shyness you have for women, the first things you might want to consider is to develop good conversation skills. Most girls love to have a good conversation so it helps if you could learn some of the things that women would love to talk about or perhaps be able to learn some words that they will find very interesting. Not all girls will find looks to be a very important feature to have. In fact, most women just want to have someone who can rely on in some important situations of their lives.If you find it very difficult to stay on your feet when it comes to women, fret not, there are lots of ways you can easily conquer that fear. For a more in depth solution to your problem, you might want to consider getting a guide on how to overcome shyness with girls. There are lots you can find these days so better start with your search.Access Overcoming Shyness Manual Now!

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Book Review: The Self-Confrontation Manual

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Article by Johnny Kicklighter

John Broger’s “Self-Confrontation” manual is probably the most exhaustive work available today to help the Christian conform their lives to be more like Christ. Even though the book is titled “Self-Confrontation,” Broger accurately refers to the book as one of “self-condemnation.” He systematically dissects the worldly philosophy of self-esteem by introducing believers to areas of their lives that may not have yet been exposed to the illuminating and cleansing power of the Word. This manual is not intended to be read simply as you would a typical book, but used instead as a roadmap to completely inventory and restructure a person’s life.

Broger’s book is broke into three main sections. First, he establishes the biblical foundation for change. The second is an application to specific problem areas that need addressing. The final section is a conclusion consisting of three chapters. He structures each of the twenty-two lessons (chapters) into a minimum of five basic segments. He closes with an open book examination in chapter twenty-three and a lesson on biblical counseling training in chapter twenty-four.

He starts each chapter with a purpose and outline of the lesson. It is followed by a series of biblical principles. This lays out in clear detail with supporting scriptures the background and justification for the topic studied. Third, he gives an in-depth bible study on the topic. In some chapters, he expands the bible study into several sub-sections to further advance his point. Forth, he provides homework which at times will refer the reader to accomplish charts or worksheets located in the appendix. Finally, he provides a study guide for daily devotions which include memory verses.

Broger leads off the book by offering an exhortation on the necessity and the believer’s ability to change biblically. He introduces the reader to the first of his 105 principles: “God’s plan for you to change in a biblical way centers on His Son, Jesus Christ.” This in essence lays the basis for the remainder of the manual.

The second main section examines the nature and solutions to eight specific problem areas that affect and can afflict many Christians. He uses thirteen chapters to address the subjects of dealing with self, anger and bitterness, interpersonal problems, the marriage relationship, parent-child relationships, depression, fear and worry, and life-dominating sins. The book’s conclusion contains three chapters. The first is God standards for life which is designed to re-motivate the reader. This chapter charges the Christian with the importance and necessity of adhering to God’s word and plan. The next chapter is the course exam. The exam is intended to be open book and the answers are taken from the material aforementioned studied. The final chapter gives an explanation of biblical counseling training. It briefly teaches the student about the nature of biblical counseling, why we should train believers to counsel biblically, and how to prepare oneself for training in biblical counseling. Broger’s Self-Confrontation Manual can be an extremely effective resource in counseling. It would not be very realistic however, to offer this as a homework assignment to a counselee. Its depth, detail, and amount of work required to complete the assignments would overwhelmed most, if not all counselees. Instead, I found it most useful as a reference manual in correlating topics to key areas of scripture, and as a resource to create homework assignments. In addition to being a helpful reference tool, it confronts the counselor with areas in his or her life that need to be brought under the dominion of Jesus Christ. This will improve the counseling process as counselors are required to remove a plank from their own eye before trying to “remove the speck out” of someone else’s eye.

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Johnny Kicklighter is an instructor and counselor at the Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center, located at Edgemont Bible Church, 5100 North Illinois, Fairview Heights, Illinois, 62208.