Reiki and spiritual energy healing. Hidden dangers!

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Article by Dmitriy A Chernyavskiy

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What is reiki healing.What is spiritual energy healing method of Reiki? Reiki (from Japanese words: Rei – spirit, soul, Ki – energy, mind) is one of the most popular energy healing techniques also called “hands on healing”. It main idea is that all human sicknesses are connected with the energy of life, lack or excess of that energy in certain organs and systems of our physical body. When distortion in the energy shell is detected, Reiki treatment therapist through his or her hands (that’s why it’s called “healing hands”) fills that zone with the life energy «Ki», which is synthesized by the spiritual healer from the surrounding environment (Cosmos). It is considered, that by using Reiki healing method is possible to create the channel of «pure» Reiki energy, which may be used to fill the injured organs and systems of the patient. By doing this, the Reiki “healing hands” therapist recovers all the distortions in patient’s energy shell. That’s how Reiki energy healing therapy is done. The outcome of such energy healing process, as a rule, is quick recovery of health and all body functions get back to the norm.Initiation DVD. Beyond the highest degrees of Reiki!

What makes Reiki different from other alternative energy healing therapies? The energy healer, as a rule, works using his or her own spiritual energy (including the use of own Kundalini energy). It is considered to be a “fact” that Reiki masters and practitioners use «pure» (in theory ☺) spiritual energy of cosmos, which is easily consumed by a human body mainly because it is «pure» spiritual energy, which means that it is not colored or polarized by the Reiki therapist. Furher in this article we will show you why it’s impossible from the physical stand point and why all discourses about the “purity” of reiki energy are just fable.

for pictures and videos for this article please visit the web site: Picture 1. Different types of energy shell deformations that lead to:a) hypertensive sicknesses, excessive weight or sudden decrease in body weight, emotional discomfort, irritability; problems with kidneys.;

b) in addition to the previous sicknesses and symptoms you can add chronic constipation, impotence or infertility, possibility of thrush, chlamydia, herpes, genital infections and cystitis;

c) in addition to all previously described sicknesses and symptoms you can add great loss of eye vision.

There are a lot of Reiki classes, trainings, Reiki courses, seminars, private lessons and authorised Reiki schools, that were founded by different masters and teachers. One of the most popular schools is Kundalini Reiki, which is based on the activation of the Kundalini spiritual energy and using this energy to heal your own physical body, mind and heal others. Some other popular schools of Reiki are: Mikao Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Gendai Reiki, these names take origin in the names of the Reiki masters and teachers that founded those schools.To speed up the process of connecting a person to high energies during the Reiki degree initiation process or attunement, so called Reiki symbols are used (special signs and hieroglyphs). The use of these symbols does not require meditation or many years of spiritual practices. That is what many Reiki masters and teachers of Karuna, Usui and Kundalini schools allegedly affirm. These symbols of Reiki influence the subconscious mind, change inner state of a person and give person the ability to connect to higher spiritual energy source. In some schools it is believed that these Reiki symbols can be activated only in a certain way, however, in reality there are different ways to activate those symbols. Many Reiki masters and teachers talk about the fact that it is enough to only think with intent to use those symbols of Reiki and they will be activated. This way of activating symbols is also being taught on many Reiki training classes and courses and is used by many working spiritual healers.Nevertheless, it is not the goal of this article to describe in details all principles, basis and techniques of different schools of Reiki. One can easily find a lot of information on those topics on other websites and in many popular books about Reiki therapy.We will talk about much more interesting things here!So what Reiki really is?

It might seem that it is a magical pill that is very effective and without any side effects. But is it really true? Can spiritual energy that goes through the hands of Reiki therapist or practitioner be pure since it is synthesized from Cosmos? What are the long-term consequences of practicing this type of “hands on healing” for the clients, Reiki masters and any other spiritual healing practitioners? How effective and stable are the results from this type of energy healing, so called “healing hands”?Lets try to find out! In our search for the answer, lets skip popular opinions of different Reiki healing schools, subjective valuations of the Power of Reiki energy described in Reiki treatments reports etc. Lets turn to the physics of energy-informational interactions as our main source of the truth!

Picture 2. Method of taking the radiating energy characteristics in each chakra of a human using the methods of “Infosomatics”.

There is one thing that we would like to say first! We have a very positive attitude towards Reiki as a whole and towards all Reiki masters, teachers and spiritual healers that help people using the methods of spiritual energy healing. Their work deserves a lot of respect, since due to their work a lot of people are able to get rid of their sicknesses and see from their own experience that physical body and visible material world is just a little part of what the Nature holds. There is a world of energy that cannot be seen with our eyes. Balance and harmony of these energies defines our health. That’s why we also welcome all reiki training classes and courses, because they allow many people to extend their sense of energy and give them understanding of causal relationships, even that there’re many mistakes and violations of the safety measures in their teaching, which will be described in detailes further in this article.Many years ago we went through practicing Reiki and spiritual energy healing therapies. We went through all degrees of Reiki initiations and attunements as well as other energy healing practices. We became masters on those levels of energy healing therapies. However, after we mastered the spiritual energy healing therapies, we had to leave that level and go higher. Now, we hold the firm position of “no interference” in energy systems of others no matter what is the method used or what is the reason to interfere. We saw the side effects, violation of the safety measures and limitedness of spiritual energy healing techniques like Reiki or any other methods of so called “hands on healing” or in the other words “healing hands”.The goal of this article is to show the practitioners and spiritual healers that use spiritual energy healing methods like Reiki to treat themselves and others, to show those who just began their study of spiritual healing therapy (and perceive these methods as panacea) that there is much more to all of this. There is a broader picture of the world. Our world is not just limited to the level of energy streams. As it turned out, sicknesses can have totally different causes and their roots lie on the higher levels, on the levels of information and “bad” energy is just the outcome of incorrect interactions on those levels.At first, lets look in more detail at the limitedness of the energy healing practices as a whole. Lets take Reiki or any other healing hands system as an example.Lets turn to the physics of the higher planes of matter existence and modern scientific research of the energy-informational interaction processes, that have been carried out in the field of the new spiritual science “Infosomatics” by the International Institute of Social Ecology.Any person in addition to his or her physical body has energy shell (also called bio-field or aura). It is created by the energy-informational radiation of organs and systems of the body as well as by the movement of the controlling signals in the brain that go through active biological points of the body (energy meridians). Energy shell also has energy junctions or centers that are called chakras.

What is a human? Physical and energy shell (aura) of a human.

On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, President of IISE (International Institute of Social Ecology).

Above the energy shell there are three more shells that exist on the higher planes of matter existence: emotional, intellectual and programing shell.

Picture 3. Physical, energy, emotional, intellectual and programming shells of a human.

We are not going to go into details and into physics of every shell’s function in this article. It’s a separate big topic on its own. We will just give some details on the physical, energy and emotional shells of a person and ways they interact with each other.Emotional shell is formed in the process of “making the foam” on the surface of the energy shell (aura) of a person. It happens when a person is feeling positive emotions of happiness, joy or pleasure from any process that happens in this person’s life. This means that the more the person feels positive emotions in his or her lives, the bigger this person’s emotional shell becomes (the shell becomes bigger in size). Emotional shell’s main function is to collect flat-parallel cosmic rays (on the picture – the wavy lines on the top) on the crown of a person’s head. These rays that are collected by the emotional shell feed the energy shell (aura) of a person. As you probably already know, (if you were studing some kind of spiritual healing techniques before or were attending reiki classes or trainings), the state of the energy shell (aura) has a direct effect on the organs and systems of our body functions.So, you probably also know (this is even proven by independent research done by psychologists and physiologists) that people with optimistic worldview and those who often feel joy in their life, as a rule, have a lot less chance to get cold or get sick with any other virus type diseases. However, those who are constantly in the state of depression or in a bad mood get sick more often! The unhappy ones just don’t have enough “air” in their emotional shell or it is missing altogether. If this is the case, the energy shell is not getting the needed amount of energy from above and becomes smaller in size. The energy shell stops protecting the physical body from the programming influences of different types of viruses. This layer of energy shell that protects our body can be compared to the atmosphere of the Planet Earth that protects us from the sun radiation and meteorites.

Picture 4. Deformations of the emotional shell of person depending on his or her state. Optimism / pessimism.

Now, lets look at this problem through the eyes of Reiki masters and spiritual healers: if a person is lacking energy (which results in being tired all the time, chronic fatigue syndrome CFS, catching a cold or flue and so on) then you have to raise the energy level of this person by filling his or her energy shell with “pure” cosmic energy that goes through the hands of the spiritual healer. That is the principle of Karuna and Usui Reiki and many other spiritual energy healing schools. This method is called “hands on healing”! You might also hear a recommendation to use the techniques that activate your Kundalini energy in the schools of Kundnalini Reiki.And now, from everything that was said above, can you tell what is wrong? What happens to be Anti-Natural? From the standpoint of Nature any given sickness that a person gets is caused simply from his or her incorrect, or to be more precise “pessimistic” or even aggressive, view on life! This way Nature urges a person to just change his or her worldview. Nature is just trying to show the person that he or she is doing something wrong, simply because this person stopped to enjoy the life and feel positive emotions. One just needs to start to be joyful, look for the positive side, change your attitude to something that you don’t like, just stop talking to those people or simply change your place of work! You just have to be joyful! Generate positive emotions … and you will be healthy again!Energy help from an external source that is provided by the Reiki healing techniques through the Reiki spiritual healer or therapist is not better than a pill that helps to eliminate the resulted sickness. It does not try to find the cause of the sickness. By getting better from the outside energy stimulant that is received during the Reiki healing session, the person does not solve his or her main problems that are connected with the worldview. The patient does not pass the exam that Nature created for him or her. That person will be sent for the penalty round simply because the energy stimulant, that was received in an anti-natural way, will be quickly wasted since the person does no the way to independently replenish the energy of cosmos. So as soon as the energy potential of such a person drops down to the level he or she had before, this person starts to have the same problems and sicknesses! What should be the way out? You should turn on you brains! The main problem is in them!

Picture 5. Concentration of flat-parallel Cosmic rays on the head crown of a person by the emotional shell, that plays the role of a lens.

Video: Emotional shell of a human!What feeds our aura and energy**

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