Lyrical Contradictions in Sweet Home Alabana, Livin’ on a Prayer, and Paper Plans

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Article by Paul Thomson

Sweet Home Alabama is the ubiquitous feel-good song. It lends itself to everything from summer road trips to drunken frat parties to scenes of Forrest Gump dancing inflexibly with his Jenny. Its easy mix of blues, country, and rock tends to obscure the fact that it’s been a politically-charged and highly controversial song for over 35 years. Seriously, how often can a song about Southern racism, the town that jailed Martin Luther King, Jr., the guy who famously said, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”, and Nixon’s boldfaced Watergate scandal get your toes tapping?A little history puts the contradiction into better perspective. In 1970 and 1972, Neil Young released Southern Man and Alabama, respectively, which contained angry accusations of Southern, cross-burning bigotry. Despite being from Jacksonville, Lynyrd Skynyrd took it upon themselves to write Sweet Home Alabama in 1974 as a response to Young’s attacks. (Not to mention, Retirement Home Florida just doesn’t have the same ring to it.) Although the combination of upbeat music and dark politics seems strange, the formula obviously works; rather than fight fire with fire, Skynyrd made their response light and inviting, which gives it the impression of brushing Young’s accusations off as ineffectual. (See also: I’m rubber, you’re glue.)Sometimes, self-contradiction is what makes music work. Just think of Bon Jovi’s 1986 hit Livin’ on a Prayer, a song is about union strikes, blue-collar jobs, reaganomics, and fighting to make a relationship work. If that’s not enough for you, its protagonists, Tommy and Gina, are inspired by two of Bon Jovi’s high-school friends whose dreams were interrupted by an unintended pregnancy. Despite the fact that these themes make most people want to tuck tail and run, the song soars and triumphs in the tradition of arena rock. Hell, the music video even features Bon Jovi literally flying on wires over the Olympic Auditorium in LA. So what gives? Let’s break the song down by stanza.The first and second stanzas have a dark, inorganic sound that puts you on edge, especially with “woah woah woah” coming through the talkbox. Beginning with “She says we’ve got to hold on,” the third stanza lifts the song’s mood somewhat, but now there’s a high, repeating keyboard note that sounds remarkably like the “re! re! re!” from Psycho. Although this stanza sounds like a chorus, before you know it, Bon Jovi is belting out, “Ohhhhh, we’re halfway there!” This makes about as much sense as screaming, “Woo! We’re scraping by!”, but there’s a kind of desperate joy in saying “screw it” in the face of impossibility. The implication of this musical buildup is clear: victory against the odds. And just when you think you’ve got the song figured out, Bon Jovi takes the third repetition of the chorus up to an inimitably high note, which seems to suggest that in music as in life, the third time is the charm.For a more modern musical take on unexpected juxtapositions, let’s have a listen to M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, which you probably recognize from Pineapple Express, Hancock, or Slumdog Millionaire. This catchy 2007 tune discusses using and selling drugs, forging visas, and killing people; however, what makes it controversial is its use of children’s imagery, melodies, and voices in portraying the criminal lifestyle. The song’s “paper planes” are a metaphor for getting high; its “pirate skulls and bones” correspond to “lethal poison”; its “sticks and stones” are followed by “weed and bombs”; the line “Some, some, some I, some I murder” has the sing-song feel of a jump-rope refrain; the chorus is sung by a child’s choir and contains gunshot and cash register noises: “All I wanna do is [blam blam blam blam] and-a [click, ka-ching] and take your money.”The song claims to raise the issue of “third-world democracy,” so why the unnervingly cheerful melody? By challenging our expectations, M.I.A. pushes our collective outrage button; apparently, we’ve gotten to the point where expressing anger in an angry fashion just doesn’t get anyone’s attention. (Sorry, Neil Young.) Moreover, the song addresses the fact that criminality sometimes seems like the only option for impoverished people in the developing world – including children. (Think back on news interviews with Somali children who literally aspire to be pirates when they grow up.) Paper Planes brings delinquency back down to the human level by showing it from a child’s point of view. “Everyone’s a winner,” the lyrics say, reminding us that for much of the world, deviant behavior is the only way to feel in control of an otherwise helpless situation.

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The 3 secrets of Team Motivation

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Article by Alan Fairweather

The 3 secrets of Team Motivationby Alan Fairweather(c) Alan Fairweather – All Rights reserved workers telling the truth when they say they are ill?This question was posed on the Money Programme on BBCTelevision in December 2004. British Bosses are reportingthat more and more of their staff appear to be skiving offwith faked illnesses and many firms are taking new steps tocrack down on malingerers. Research by the Confederation ofBritish Industry suggests that workplace absence is on therise for the first time in five years. Last year we were offsick on average for 7.2 days up from 6.8 the previous year.It costs UK businesses

Simple Tips And Tricks For Personal Development Success

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Article by Steve Ian

In this article you will find solid self-help advice to assist you in working through your problems and attaining the level of success that you desire. The techniques presented here will train you to hone in on potential problems before they get out of hand and negatively impact your life. The tips are simple yet effective.

Consider learning an instrument as part of your personal development. You probably had some type of music training when you were young, and it is never too late to learn again. Learning an instrument can expand your appreciation for various types of music. Music teachers for adults can customize lessons and use music that are more appropriate for adults. Therefore, do not worry that you will only be learning children’s songs. Being able to play an instrument is a wonderful feeling, you are really missing out if you don’t give it a try.

When it comes to personal development make sure that you have a great mentor that you can look up to and obtain guidance from. This is important because behind every great person is a person who helped them grow. Nobody can become all that they can be without the assistance of someone else.

When you are going through rough patches in your marriage, but aren’t quite ready to admit it, it is not time for you to go see a marriage counselor, it is time for you try and go down a path of self help. To succeed it is important that you find a well reviewed source of information for marriage counseling self help.

Treat yourself like you want to feel. Taking the time to look your best can actually improve your overall mood, and in turn, your health. Put on a little makeup, or fix your hair just the way you like it before you go out. The better you look, the better you will feel.

Keep track of the amount of time you are spending on each activity per day. If you are trying to improve your personal life, you need to figure out how to squeeze the most out of every day. After you have logged all of your activities for a little while, you will be surprised to see how much time is actually wasted.

Be timely and reliable. There is no such thing as being fashionably late. Late is late and no one truly appreciates it. If you are responsible for a certain job be sure you deliver on time. You will gain the reputation of being the one everyone can rely on and the awards could, potentially at least, be great!

Stop putting off your dreams. Dreams are good things to have. However, it is important to turn them into ambitions. A dream you do nothing about if a pretty useless thing to have. Try to achieve your dreams. Even if they are unlikely, you will feeling better for having tried.

Religion can help some people. Perhaps the religion you were raised in is not for you if you consider yourself an atheist. Certain people see religion as a way of finding their place in the universe, and some people see it as a way to improve their daily life by adopting a certain philosophy.

Try finding out what you want out of life and what you hold dear in your life. Try to figure out what your personal values are and how you apply them to your life. You need to be aware of what is important to you and what in your life gives you pleasure and pain.

If you are deciding to work on your personal development, you need to make that a top priority. Once you are okay with putting yourself first, you will be able to quickly decide what you need to change, and how to go about getting that done in a productive fashion.

It may sound silly, but smiling more is a wonderful way of making the world around you a brighter place. Smiling is the way we show the world around us how we feel inside, since nobody has an emotion-reading meter on their head! Smiling shows others you’re happy to be around them, so show your pearly whites to make a wonderful, lasting impression.

The universe is a very large place and you are a speck in it. You should keep that in mind and it will help you to stay grounded. Being too self-centered and over the top will only come back to bite you in the rear at the end.

A great personal development tip is to stay disciplined. It is not easy to improve yourself. It takes hard work and dedication to truly make a positive change in your life. It is extremely important that you realize this and keep yourself disciplined whenever any sort of temptations arise.

Meeting your goals, whatever they are, will create a huge sense of success and rightly so. You can use some of the tips that you have just read over, to help you to take the first step toward happiness. If there has been a desire to travel somewhere exotic, take the kids to Disney World. You can knit your first pair of socks or find a better job or really, just any little thing that you have ever wanted to try. That’s the first step!

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Do you want to start finding ways to get yourself improved? Then you can take a look at what does my name mean now.

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A Competitive Mobile Application Development Process Renders Optimistic Results

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Article by Ajax

The process of software development has graduated from developing enterprise applications to applications for android phones, iphones and computing tablets. With the help of these mobile applications customers can easily shop, play games, watch movies, access files, listen to music and even take pictures. An analysis of the activities of the mobile driven generation clearly states the dominance and power of mobile technology. Thus you must develop applications that fulfill the requirements of your customers optimally and help increase the customer satisfaction levels.

The competition is tough and opportunities are less. Thus you have to ensure that each performance is highly appealing. You also have to ensure that you do not go overboard with the costs. Delivering within the deadlines establishes your credibility, and the quality products further strengthens your position in the market. As each individual’s requirement is different you have to be sure that the solutions that you employ possess the capabilities to provide you with premium results.

You need the services of experts who have extensive knowledge and proficiency in the mobile app development field. They recommend solutions after a thorough investigation of your business environment and requirements. The product R&D services that they render are extremely supportive and flawless. They are aware of the various technological platforms, operating systems and mobile devices and provide you with assistance for an end-to-end iphone and android application development process. They help you with the designing, development, implementation and testing of mobile applications for individual customers as well as enterprises.

Open source software is in high demand as the codes are free and it provides you with admirable facilities such as faster time-to-market, reduced total cost of ownership, high visibility and improved interoperability. The professional software development teams provide you with flexible open source software development platforms that can be easily customized as per the needs of your business. They help in identifying the right combination of open source technologies to provide you with a valid process without any commercial royalty issues that consume your investments.

The professional consultants provide you with solutions that give you a competitive edge and increase interoperability. They help in evaluating the risks associated with open source licenses for facilitating the open source software development process excluding the risks. Each day a new technology is released and it is not easy to implement them. If you want a completely hassle-free operation you have to employ a competent model that will resolve the complexities and provide you with positive results.Related Links: product lifecycle management, nearshore development services.

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Related Links: product lifecycle management, nearshore development services

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The Secrets Of Self Hypnosis In Six Easy Steps

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Article by Jon Robinson

There is a popular belief in evidence-based hypnotherapy that ‘all hypnosis is self hypnosis’. In other words, you yourself are responsible for inducing hypnosis; the control is firmly within your grasp, and you can get better and better at it with practice.

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to be an excellent self-hypnotist and how you can use suggestion techniques to help facilitate positive change.

1) Why self-hypnosis?

Many people find hypnosis an effective treatment for anxiety-related disorders. Firstly it is important to consider why you want to hypnotise yourself — are you anxious about something? Do you want to increase your motivation? Write down a list of reasons why, and think about some positive suggestions you could give yourself when hypnotised.

For example, if you are nervous about an upcoming public speaking event, you might consider suggestions like

Hockey, Fighting and Faith

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Article by Marshall James

In the early a long time, virtually all hockey players had been from Canada, but far more not long ago, there has been an upsurge in gamers from the United States and European countries, who have began participating in the game. The Stanley Cup, held yearly, is the most renowned competitiveness for ice hockey.Curiosity in ice hockey is on the rise in schools, schools and universities. Extra and extra youngsters have began enjoying the game. The stay telecast of just about all the qualified league matches played in United States proves the attractiveness of the game, as nicely.A single thing any hockey enthusiast desires when attending a sport is an ice-cold beer in hand, assuming proper age for consumption. If you are attending any of the game titles in the course of the Washington Capitals 2010 timetable then you are going to want to be certain this is the scenario.Certain, it can be cold inside of of hockey rinks and the Verizon Center is no exception, despite the fact that the air conditioning is noticeably less aggressive than in other NHL cities. Nevertheless, the chilly temperature is no explanation to steer clear of consuming a refreshing brew. With 82 video games staying played in a year on the Washington Capitals agenda, there are plenty of possibilities to imbibe some sudsy drinks.A single good factor about the Verizon Center is that it has rather a wonderful beer variety. Most stadiums and rinks have only the most standard domestic solutions such as Budweiser and Miller Lite but the Verizon Middle will hook you up with a assortment of import and craft beers. Some selections from close to the globe contain Guinness, Bass, Blue Moon, Czechvar, and Dos Equis, all of which are available on tap. If craft beer is much more your issue consider the Red Hook IPA, Dominion Ale, or Starr Hill.The Verizon Center does a fantastic work of updating their beer checklist so anticipate to see some variation and modifications in collection when you hit up a game future 12 months in the course of the Washington Capitals 2011 routine. You may well also certainly not see a head bowed, or listen to a God-praise on the article-game indicate, but such religious acts are regularly visible in the NFL, MLB and NBA. Curiously, the apparently a lot less religious and fist-fighting NHL friends and family is the one activity exactly where scandals, addictions, blatant lying, shootings and gross arrogance rampant between NFL, NBA and MLB players, are essentially non-existent.Though no 1 approves of low-cost shots and gratuitous roughing, fighting in hockey is often functional. Biblical warriors fought difficult, normally honorably, and have been really highly regarded. My teenage boy will someday be a man. God designed males to be formidable and when important, to battle.Pondering a conclusion to this document, I promptly searched the on the web model of the NIV bible and discovered that the term ‘warrior’ is documented 94 instances. In spite of the heavenly assurance and brazen that I am, I <em>nonetheless</em> wondered if the fighting <em>in hockey</em> was “ok” with God. Taking a deep breath, I stopped typing and looked up at my son’s hockey gear drying out in the mudroom. Due to the fact my husband shops for all Aiden’s devices, I under no circumstances observed what was penned across his shoulder pads.

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It’s extremely important to make certain and perform your homework on hockey productsprior to a purchase. We take out the guess work and supply you straightforward reviews which will make your choices easier.It’s really crucial to make sure and perform your own homework on hockey productsprior to a purchase. We take out the guess work

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© 2007 WMG Breathe (Video) The new single “Come Home” available NOW at iTunes: Listen to “Come Home”: Love this video? Give it a thumbs up. Tour dates, music and more at

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Time Management Plans

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Article by Elena Bullock

Time management is always important. If you want to be successful, you must plan your time and organize it properly.

Managing your time isn’t easy task. In order to do that you need a lot of self-discipline. Lack of self-discipline is in almost every case impossible to replace with something else. So once you think you have enough of that, you can feel free to start managing your time.

But where to start? That is hard question. We often feel that our life is a mess. And frankly, that might be true. So answer to question would be to start anywhere. Just try to plan your time – organize it.

First pick up a pen and a piece of paper and create a list of things that you have to do. Of course, you can do that on you computer too. After you’ve created your list, try to estimate roughly how much time you need to complete each activity. It’s important to be objective here. It’s better to calculate more time than less.

After that, try to create you daily routine and incorporate those tasks into it. Also while you are doing it, try to make tasks flow naturally. Don’t jump from one thing to another too fast unless you really have to. Group up similar tasks together to make it easier. Also, if you can do two tasks at once even though it’s not highly advised because it can do harm to the quality of your work.

When you’ve created your time management plan, then comes the hardest thing – putting it into action. Most people fail here because they lack something I’ve already mentioned – self discipline.

If you have problems with that, maybe you should consider giving yourself some kind of a reward or price for every day you followed your plan. That will encourage you to stick to it and follow it.

If you follow your plans you should soon see increase in your productivity.

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Stop Procrastination today

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Article by Charles Martinez

We all know the feeling of wanting to procrastinate, you know what you are supposed to do but you simply dont feel like doing it at the given moment. You might even start feeling bad that you are not doing what you should and you choose to slowly ignore those bad feelings and focus on something entirely different.

Even though most of us procrastinate occasionally, it can be very dangerous to let procrastination control your life and procrastinating continuously on tasks you know you have to complete at some point.

Usually what happens when you procrastinate is that the tasks you are avoiding will stack up on top of each other until you reach a point where you simply can’t avoid doing these tasks anymore and suddenly you have a huge work load on your hands because you didn’t take action when you should have and decided to procrastinate instead.The reason why we choose to avoid different actions and procrastinate is actually pretty simple.

It is simply because we feel that the task we are supposed to do is going to be a lot more painful that not doing it, we don’t even consider the fact that procrastinating on this action will make it a lot more painful when you are forced to do it at some point in the future.

Procrastination always comes back after you and hits you in the back when you are expecting it the least. The easiest way to stop procrastinating is to stop thinking whenever you have a task at hand that you need to perform. What allows you to procrastinate is the fact that you logically think and find a “good” reason for why you should complete the task immediately.

If you just stop this thinking process and just start taking action immediately you will build momentum and once you build momentum procrastination has already lost as it is now easier to perform this task than to procrastinate.

Another great way to avoid procrastination is to change your state immediately as soon as the logical thoughts about why you shouldn’t take action on a task start coming up.

You can change your state very easily by doing something crazy like jumping up in the air, dancing, screaming or just doing something you feel is stupid and makes you laugh. Next time you even think about procrastinating just stop the thought and start taking action instead.

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href=””>wireless surround sound speakers

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Self Acceptance – Freedom For Fearless Expression

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Article by Enoch Tan

When a person acts with complete confidence, even for insane purposes, it fills a void in us. Charismatic individuals make their followers do insane things by the force of their personalities. It proves the point that the force of a person’s will, of his self acceptance, can be so strong that he can change the view of the masses. He can convince people that what he is doing or saying is beautiful. People become fully accepting in his presence, falling prey to his complete self-acceptance! Later on, they might wonder how they could have fallen under that spell. Self acceptance is very attractive. The one who is most congruent will control the situation. If your frame is strong enough, you can get away with anything. Self acceptance gives you the freedom for fearless expression.

The expression of complete self acceptance is the inspiration that we all crave so much. When we see others expressing themselves with self acceptance, we feel a sense of acceptance towards what they are doing too. When we see it in others, we feel it in ourselves and for them and the universe. In that state, we feel acceptance for everything that that all is perfect. There is no rejection for those who have complete self acceptance and they can express themselves fearlessly. Self expression is total, immediate and without conception of time. You’ve got to have complete self expression in order to fully communicate what it is you want to communicate to another.

Most of us think that the right to create is for others, not for us. But inspired people show us by example what is possible for everyone. It’s as though there is a cosmic bank somewhere in the universe where the great ones have their accounts. The currency is unlimited creativity and ideas. The rest of us are always trying to borrow from their accounts. Do not borrow from anyone else’s account. We cannot recreate. We must create. Have the attitude that no one before has ever done what you are doing right now.

You have to have the arrogance to do what you want to do. Behind every action that you make and every word that you say is the belief that “this is the truth”. Do not believe in wrong actions. Believe that they are right ones because you are the one making them. Authenticity comes from the permission you give yourself to be a genius, to take something that is considered junk and proclaim “this is beautiful”. Power comes from being yourself. You can never get it by recreating. You have to create. For something to be real, it has to come from within you. Do not fear mistakes. There are none. Act as if you just didn’t have a care in the world!

You experience an absence of effort in the absence of caring. In the absence of fear and expectation, things become quite simple. In the inner space there are no conditions, no requirements. You just Are. You are making conscious contact, forming an informational highway, with the higher, or inner self. This is the spiritual connection that many speak of as the primary force in their actions. This is what is known as letting go of the Ego. You must surrender the need to be good, otherwise you can’t really let go! You remember experiences not by how well you acted, but by how much you let go. Those are usually the best experiences anyway. When you let go you feel free as a bird.

The right shot at the right moment does not come because you do not let go of yourself. Do not wait for fulfillment, but brace yourself for failure. The harder you try, the worse you do. When you take a chance, leave fear behind and go with the flow. You’ll usually land on your feet. You can’t plan your response or you’ll lose the moment. It is an instantaneous thing that comes out of you. Without fear you are free to be real. Fear lurks in the mind. If you want to be free, master your mind. The reason why we procrastinate is not because of laziness, it is a sense of being overwhelmed. In fear we expect, with love we accept.

To love is to accept. Self acceptance is self love. You love yourself when you accept yourself. You can’t accept if you judge. You have to accept without judging. When one is not expressing himself, he is not free. When one is not free, he cannot express himself. To express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, and to express yourself honestly enough, is a very hard thing to do. You can’t express yourself freely unless you accept yourself completely. Express whatever wants to come out. Accept it with love. Accept the good and the bad with equal love. Without needing to be good, you act from an effortless space. Self acceptance leads to Authentic expression.

Expectations create agitation in the mind. When there is acceptance, there is peace. Expectation exists when there is fear. The fear of not getting what we want. We think that if we have enough of what we want, we will be safe. But from the inner space, one realizes that everything one needs and desires already exists within. Creation comes from nothingness. Results create expectations and it’s important to always return to a state of no expectation in order to create once again.

Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added.” He also said, “The Kingdom of God is within.” Our true fulfillment is to be found in the Kingdom, and that Kingdom is within ourselves. The Inner Space is the place where joy, pleasure and fulfillment worldly and otherwise are available in unlimited supply. Acceptance of these gifts allows the flow to increase. Performances given from this state are said to be greatly inspired, leaving their audiences profoundly moved.

The secret is to be completely at ease with yourself. How others feel when they are with you is influenced by how you feel when you are with them. Be comfortable with yourself in order for others to be comfortable with you. You have to be at ease with yourself in order to be at ease with anything. There are people who are considered to have a sense of presence because they move with complete self acceptance.

You should not seek external things in order to obtain an inner state but you should seek the inner state in order to manifest external things. A true master is not just a master of technique or language, but of himself. He can sit serenely in the center of that space while performing his actions to perfection. This is a state of selflessness and absolute concentration. One may perform all actions in the state of ground level zero. Do not be attached to the future with anticipation and worry, or to the past with longing and regret. But remain in the present. Move towards your desires while being perfectly centered. Acceptance leads to unfoldment of Spirit within you.

We give up our power by allowing stresses to get out of control, and by habitually saying no to people and circumstances. We can always regain our power simply by remembering to breathe fully and freely, by letting go of tensions in our bodies, and by opening to and accepting all that life offers. Identify a current problem or difficulty in your life that is causing some degree of emotional distress, from a minor annoyance to a raging upset. State it in a few concise words such as “I did not get what I wanted”, “I failed”, or “I hurt someone that I love”. Say to yourself, “Even though (the problem), I fully and completely accept myself.”

Don’t think of future endeavors as a test of your past achievements, or it will invalidate you in your own mind. Instead, think of it as the beginning of coming to terms with what’s been holding you back, and taking powerful, positive steps to correct that and move forward. Be brave, be patient, and most of all, be loving to yourself throughout.

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Enoch Tan aims to help people achieve higher awareness in living and experiencing life. To impact the world in the biggest way possible. To change lives and to create possibility. To revolutionize the way we understand the mind and reality. Because that is what governs every area of life and destiny. Learn Secrets most people will never know about the Mind and Reality! Visit now and Get Free Ebooks of Universal Secrets!

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Positive Thinking Affirmations

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Article by DC Dugan

Have you ever wondered if there is a better or easier way to achieve your most desired goals in life? There is, and it involves using positive thinking affirmations in order to influence the way that your mind thinks and acts. Positive affirmations can help bring you financial freedom and a much happier lifestyle.

The idea of using positive affirmations to get what you want in life is really quite simple. When you think positive thoughts about yourself and speak them out loud repeatedly to yourself, then your subconscious mind will be reinforced with the facts that you are expressing. Your mind will essentially be trained to believe what you are saying.

Using positive thinking affirmations can affect your daily lifestyle, from the way that you do business, to the way that you interact with your family. When you think and say nothing but good thoughts about yourself, you will suddenly find those positive thoughts and statements becoming a regular part of your daily life. For example, if you repeatedly tell yourself that you are going to have a warm conversation with your wife everyday, then chances are very good that you will actually have that warm and inviting conversation with her on a daily basis. You will instantly begin to see a positive change in your relationship.

What exactly are positive thinking affirmations?

Positive thinking affirmations are verbally spoken statements or expressions about that are meant to reinforce positive thinking or behavior. For example, one expression that could be repeated is “I am going to have a wonderful day”. When you repeatedly speak this expression out loud, you will effectively be telling your subconscious mind that you will think and act in a manner that allows you to have a good day. It’s that easy.

Not only will you find yourself feeling good about yourself, but you will also begin to wear off on those around you as well. Using this type of mind training technique affects others around you as well because as you begin to become a more positive person in both your thoughts and actions, others will also begin to soak in your positive energy and will also begin to see a change in themselves as well. It’s a win win situation for everybody.

If you’re looking to get your life back on track in order to feel good about yourself once more and be successful in everything you do, then positive thinking affirmations is definitely something that you will want to try out for yourself.

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Click to see how you can use Positive Thinking Affirmations to improve yourself in just 10 minutes a day.

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The following write up on Affirmations is from a great guy called Remez Sasson at I strongly recommened the site to everyone who seeks a more fulfilling life. Affirmations are positive sentences that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, interest and desire. Imagine that you are swimming with your friends in a swimming pool. They swim fifteen rounds, something you have never done before. As you desire the respect of your friends, you want to show them that you can make it too. You start swimming, and at the same time keep repeating in your mind: “I can do it, I can do it…”. You keep thinking and believing that you are going to complete the fifteen rounds. What are you actually doing? You are repeating positive affirmations. More than often, people repeat in their minds negative sentences and statements concerning the situations and events in their lives, and consequently bring upon themselves undesirable situations. Such sentences and statements work both ways, to build or destroy. It is the way we use them that determines whether they are going to bring good or harmful results. Affirmations work in the same manner as creative visualization. The repeated words build mental images and scenes in the mind, and help to focus on the aim
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