Montreal Christian Church Faithfulness in your Christian walk

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Article by Colin Meunier

Copyright (c) 2008 Colin Meunier

Luke 16:10 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

What is faithfulness? What does faithfulness mean to you, and in your Christian walk? Faithfulness means that whatever you say you will do, you will do. When you are faithful, you are a trustworthy person and can be trusted with your word and when you are asked to do something.

Faithfulness as an employee, your Boss does not have wonder if you are going to show up for work. You just do, because that’s what you do as an employee. And as a faithful boss/employer your employees don’t have to wonder if they are going to get paid on payday. They just know, because they trust you in your faithfulness.

So what about as a Christian?

Faithfulness is found in the very heart of our Christian lifestyle. As leaders in the church we need to be able to be trusted. This comes by being faithful. First with little and more as we grow older in the Lord. We need to be setting the example to faithfulness to others in the church so that when they look at us or hear of us, they will know what faithfulness is, and that as a leader we can be trusted. This is what makes you a leader, that you have been proved to be faithful. First with little, then more. Only with faithfulness can we function properly as a team.

Comiting to faithfulness. Faithfulness does not come without commitment. You can only be faithful to someone or something if you are committed. If you are not committed then where is your motivation? Jesus calls us to be committed to our faith and our walk with him. When we are committed to Him we will be faithful in our walk as a Christian.

Luke 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

It is only with commitment that we will be able to move forward and not look back. If you are not committed than how can you press on? So what Jesus is saying is… Be committed!

Continue on in your faith. This goes right with being committed. Which is why you must be committed first. Then you must continue on. Being committed to and attending the church meetings.

Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. And continuing on just as Christ did…

Phillipians2:5-8 “Have this mind in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: who, existing in the form of God, counted not the being on an equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men; and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, becoming obedient {even} unto death, yea, the death of the cross.”

So may I encourage you to be faithful in all that you do. In the work place, in your family, friendships, and in church meetings and fellowship.

About the Author

Colin is committed to serving and giving praise to the Lord Jesus Christ in a local body of a Montreal Christian Church by the name of Victory Heights International

Time Management, Avoiding Negative

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Article by Tony Robinson

Life is a bummer and then we pay the ultimate price. Times are always changing making it difficult for us to keep up with the advancements in our lives. If we are thinking positive most times good, fortunes come our way, but if we are pessimistic, it is likely life is going to get you down! When you get up in the morning do you often say, “help me make it through another day?” On the other hand, do you brew up some coffee, fire up the stove and put on a healthy breakfast, reading the newspaper as it cooks on the stove? If you are doing the second question in order, then you are on your way to success and managing your time well.

When you are taking time out for yourself including you in your time management scheme, you are adding time to your schedule. This might sound crazy, but when you take time out for your self-including a healthy diet and exercise, you are bringing up spirits that work hard to be more productive in life. We are already on the edge of time, so there is no sense in making things harder than they are. One of the things that most people lack in life that most of us say we have is respect. Respect comes in several forms.

We must have respect for our self before we can respect others. Respect is an interpersonal ability that makes obvious a positive reception of the individuality of other people and a broadmindedness to recognize the differences in others, and the readiness to work together with others as equals. Therefore if you are lacking respect you know time management is a waste of time, since most people you meet at work, school, or interact with at home is recognizing your inability to show respect for others. Lack of respect promotes GREED, which cultivates plans that strive on time against time, as well as negative thinking. It would take me all day to breakdown negative patterns in thinking process, but for the most part, we need to evaluate the essentials, since time management is the ability to bring forth success if time management is worked right.

If you are seeking a positive attitude you might want to find ‘self-disclosure’ which is the readiness to contribute your individual experiences with other individuals around you. This includes work, home and school or anyone you are. Personal experiences are how we learn to achieve. If we are open minded it brings forth positive. Immediacy is the ability to openly discuss with others what you have learned, and what you expect to gain.

This is called effectual communication. When you have effectual communication, it sparks motivation, which in turn contributes success to your time management schemes. If the people around you are affecting your way of thinking, you might want to confront them instead of letting it go. We have no choices when it comes to work, family, and school. We have to be around other people and influences will affect us if we let them. Negative thinking is not a birth defect; it is the direct affect of teachings and influences.

Do not let anyone misled you! One method that I found effective for avoiding negative thinking is not letting people control me, rather taking control of my own individuality. I stand firm in my beliefs simply because I did research for more than 20 years, investigated each and every word people said to me, and role played the solutions, and when I found positive was the day I found the TRUTH. The truth will indeed set you free.

This is essential and I stress this logic since life is always changing and we have to accept those changes by finding the truth. Money is the root of all evil. There is no one in life that is not striving to make more money. Therefore, the key to thinking positive and planning a time management scheme is search within your self, research your information, and find a solution that best fits your plan for reaching your goals. No one has all the answers, but answer is available if you want to learn positive time management schemes.

About the Author

Tony Robinson is a company director, web master and an authority on Time Management. For more handy tips and techniques visit

Dating relationship advice for teenagers

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Article by Virginia Aubol

Relationship ( ความสัมพันธ์ ) advice for couple

With the growing popularity of online dating, millions of people of all ages are trying it out in order to find their soul mate. The relationship that start over the Internet grow into deeper, more meaningful ones and many times, the couples end up together, either in marriages or they live together with one partner moving to be closer to the other. Although there have been many great stories of people finding their ideal partner, there are many dangers out there.

Teenagers who are trying out online dating need to be smart and careful about how they go about it. They are the most vulnerable ones and can be easy targets for online predators of all kinds. First and foremost, giving out any personal information must be avoided. They must refrain from giving out details like their phone numbers, school or home address, etc. Until they are a 100 per cent sure that the person or people they interact with are trust-worthy and they have been in contact for a long time, they should keep all personal details private.

It is important that parents and their teenage kids keep all lines of communication open between them. Parents need to know what is going on in their children’s lives. Teens should be treated with respect but at the same time, there are boundaries that need to be set. Their online activities will also need to be monitored from time to time. Apart from giving them dating advice ( คำแนะนำ ) , parents also need to talk to their kids about the many dangers that are there online and off. Advising them to always trust their instinct is of the utmost importance.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to teen dating. We often hear news about dating violence or abusive relationship ( ความสัมพันธ์ ). Many times, teens do not confide in anyone because they are ashamed or they blame themselves. Their self-esteem can get really low and they can end up having no real sense of self-worth. This is one of the reasons why parents always need to communicate openly with their children.

Teen dating is the next step to adulthood, so stopping them from going out on dates is never the answer. It is a way for them to learn about all the many challenges that will come in the future and a way to learn how to handle different situations, in and out of relationship. It helps in the overall development of the teenager boys and girls as youths.

About the Author

Make your relationship ( ความสัมพันธ์ ) easy with dating advice ( คำแนะนำ ).

Could your teen be in an abusive relationship? We look at the warning signs that may be symptomatic of controlling or aggressive behaviour and the ways in which you can support your teen and help them to stay safe. For more videos like this, visit:
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Learning – The Power of Positive Thinking

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Article by Deanna Mascle

The Power of Positive Thinking is the title of a best-selling book by the late Norman Vincent Peale. Thousands of people claim that the Power of Positive Thinking was a major factor in achieving their success.

Is it really the biggest factor in becoming successful?

Recent studies have shown that attitude, above education and other factors, has the biggest impact on your future success. If you have dreams that you want to achieve, you better start by evaluating your attitude.

Having a positive attitude and becoming a positive thinker is the most important step you can take in achieving your dreams. The best part is that it is relatively easy to become a positive thinker. It is just a matter of changing your habits of thought.

Positive thinking just requires that you change the way you handle the circumstances of your life. You want to start paying attention to the thoughts that you have throughout the day. Most of us have an internal monologue that goes through our minds during the day. Have you ever paid close attention to those thoughts?

Make it a habit to start monitoring your thoughts. Notice how many times in the day you are feeling discouraged, critical, sad, depressed or any one of many negative emotions. To set yourself up for better success, you’ve got to start thinking more positively.

When you become a positive thinker, you do not let one bad event ruin the rest of your day, or worse, the rest of your life. So many people walk around with a chip on their shoulder, and most of them do not even have a right to be mad. They are holding onto trivial matters and making themselves miserable.

Embrace the power of positive thinking by releasing those grudges. Allow yourself to react to bad events in your life, but pick yourself up again and keep on going toward your goal. Do not hold onto those bad feelings, and do not make yourself miserable. There is no point in holding onto those negative thoughts.

Positive thinking is not about being detached from reality. It is about taking charge of your reality, and taking charge of your thoughts. Whatever you concentrate on for most of the day is what you will create in your life. If you are concentrating on the negative, guess what you will get more of?

Become a positive thinker by focusing on the good in your life. You will begin to see more good come into your life, and then you will realize the true power of positive thinking.

About the Author

Find out more about learning at

Get this full audiobook at

The Benefits of using Project Management Templates

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Article by Allaric Saltzman

There are a lot of things that any project manager needs to take care of for the project to be successful. Starting from the project start to the completion of the project, there are various phases involving the different kinds of information maintained in the project. Indeed, documentation forms an important part of any project and the use of the project management templates can help you very well in the process of documentation.

There are various kinds of project management templates available to help you out in any project. These are basically intended to help you document the information in the right manner and the quickest time possible. The project templates are increasingly used by the managers today due to the various benefits they provide. One of the best advantages of using the project template is that it helps in the standardization of the document. It has different sections to capture the different details needed and that makes sure that every project member records the information in that particular manner. In addition, there are high chances for any project member to miss out certain information in the document if he does not use the template for the same activity. Also with the use of the project management templates, the various sections of the document are known well by the different members of the project and it can save a lot of time to check some particular information in the whole document.

The different kinds of project management templates are available for the different kind of information to be recorded in them. There is really a lot of time that can be saved with the use of the project management templates both in documenting the information as well as reading the information presented. All this makes the activity of completing and delivering the project much easier and faster for ay project manager. With the use of the templates, it is possible to record the every possible detail about the project in an accurate manner. The project can be easily managed keeping in view all the possible parameters like the effort, revenue etc. in view. Creating the perfect documents in any project is possible with the use of the various templates available at your disposal. However, it is important that the right kinds of documents are chosen keeping in view the needs of the project and the information to be documented.Find out more info online with help of search engines.

About the Author

184 downloadable project management templates and know-how, with detailed guides and examples to help you work faster & smarter

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Get The Power – With Green Food

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Article by Rojerwil

At some stage inside the history of mankind, he remarked that seeking wild game was hard, time intensive too as typically hazardous. With this conclusion emerged the neanderthal version of “there’s gotta be regarded as a higher way!”Really some caveman (ok

Using Feng Shui Coins to Make Wealth Amulets

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Article by Jakob Jelling

Feng shui coins are ancient Chinese coins with hieroglyphs and a square hole in the middle.

The coins are usually made of bronze. They are used in odd numbers, such as 1, 3, 5, etc. The coins can be used in a wide number of ways – they can be carried as a necklace or bracelet, they can be used to make wealth amulets (wealth vase, money frog, money tree, etc.), and so on. In this article, we talk about wealth amulets that can be purchased or made using Chinese coins.

The easiest and most fashionable wealth amulets that one can have are necklaces and bracelets with coins. You can either purchase a talisman or make it yourself. It’s very easy to make. You will need several coins (as many as you wish) and a red ribbon. Simply attach the coins to the ribbon and start wearing it. If you wear a lanyard (such as to carry an ID card for work or school), you can attach the coins to the lanyard. Alternatively, you can hang the amulet in the southeast section of your home – the Wealth and Prosperity zone.

Another way to incorporate the coins is to make a wealth vase. The wealth vase is an extremely potent feng shui amulet that can attract material wellbeing to your home. Typically, it’s a white ceramic vase with paintings in blue, with a number of prosperity symbols placed inside. These symbols include: crystals, semiprecious gems, pictures with the symbols of wealth (houses, cars, gold bars), and others. Feng shui coins are one of the most essential ingredients to place into this vase. The vase needs to be placed in the Wealth and Prosperity zone of your bedroom.

You can also purchase wealth symbols that already have the coins incorporated into their design. One great symbol is a three-legged money frog. The frog is typically shown sitting on a pile of coins, holding one or three of them in its mouth. Some frogs come with a slit – you can purchase the coins and the toad individually, and insert the coins in its mouth. This symbol can also have the following design: the toad is sitting on the coins, and the god of wealth Liu Hai sits on top of the frog. According to ancient Chinese legends, Liu Hai conquered the frog and made it serve people.

You can also find wealth talismans with another god of wealth – Hotei, sitting on a pile of coins. Hotei was a happy monk who had an extraordinary ability – wherever he came, people would grow rich. This god of wealth has a large belly and charming smile. It’s a real pleasure to have Hotei sitting on feng shui coins in your home.

Finally, the feng shui coins can be used for the making of a money tree. You will need the following components: Chinese coins with holes, wire, play-dough, and a flower pot. The coins need to be placed on the wire in the form of tree branches. The branches need to be made to look like a tree. The tree is placed into the flower pot and secured with play-dough.

The most important aspect to remember is: the more time and creativity you place into the making of your wealth symbol, the more potent it will be.

About the Author

Jakob Jelling runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui coins.

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5 Reasons Why You Fail at Goal Setting and the Solutions To Fix It

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Article by Gerry Ayers

Goal setting techniques and achievements have been talked about for many years, and many different kinds of strategies have been talked about, dissected and reconstructed for quite some time. Some methods are simple; some are so complicated in which only a genius may respect these. The one simple reality that we have realized would be that the core concepts to goal achievement are typically generally constant between all techniques. I have revealed 5 major factors people fail in reaching their dreams.

Too Vague- Some people don’t disclose precisely what their goal is. For instance: “I would like to lose Fifty pounds” just isn’t as definite as, “I want to be One hundred fifty pounds”. The visual of shifting nearer to One hundred fifty pounds instead of moving away from 50 lbs is easier to visualize.Simply no Deadline- Whenever you frequently place a due date on our objectives many of us establish “urgency” to do this. Humans tend to be natural procrastinators because of our keen power to “auto-prioritize” our surroundings. One of the criteria we use is the amount of time we possess – the more time we have the less of a precedence it can be. Make an effort and keep the time frame practical.Depending on self-discipline- Simply writing down all your goals additionally, the modest actions to get there is not enough. Self-discipline is undoubtedly an exhaustible resource and cannot continue forever. By breaking down the actual objectives into really smaller bites will create momentum and make you interested.Not emotional- You haven’t described “why” having this goal is important to you. Many people focus generally on the “how” aspect, which may overcome us with the massive degree of everything we need to complete. Concentrate on the “why” and the “how” determines itself.Objectives fall off our radar- This might be the most prevalent answer why objectives are left unobtained. We all live a DAILY routine life that would need our grass roots attention, so if your goals aren’t on your mind day by day, they will likely shift to the back burner. By including a regular “to-do” list and including your goal tasks within that list, will keep the desired goals on the radar screen.By knowing these Five factors behind objective failing and including the suggested fixes can help immensely with your goal journey. While you’re at it have a look at my goal setting worksheet that’s going to give you a further benefit with obtaining ones goals. Also check out my other articles on how to achieve goals over at hubpages.

About the Author

If you are interested in more tips about achieving goals,then check out Greatness Inside Out at

collection of amazing poems

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Article by Greg Erfurt

In the early 1900s a painter named MaxfieldParrish introduced the world to his enchanting visions ofparadise. His ability to capture nuances like satisfaction andawe influenced generations of artists and was the inspirationfor the layout of this issue.So often we race through our lives without pausingat the extraordinary. Art, in its most compelling form,accentuates the beauty of truth in a way that’s impossible toignore. There’s a responsibility that is assumed by the artist,once embarked down the creative path. The unspoken standard is to create work that is universally understood, butleaves enough ambiguity to encourage speculation; a worthy goal, notwithstanding how exceedingly difficult it is toaccomplish.

I’ve always been fascinated by the passion of old-worldartistry and the power it has to initiate thought. My visionfor this magazine was to explore the connection betweenthe literal, visual and, ultimately, musical art forms.Much care went into the selection and arrangement of thesketches and paintings. Whenever possible the originalconcepts were honored.

The purpose was in beginning, and still remains, to simplythink out loud.Greg ErfurtEditor in chief

***Rocking chair***

The war wages on when we least expect itSo real, you’d swear there’s something moreSomething we don’t understandSome of the sweetest times in my life were cut shortOnly shadows left to remind me ofhow bold and vigorous our hearts truly were”Solace, now found only in dreams”. I return to a time before we understoodthe wisdom of hesitation.We were sent to look for treasures, I return with only my faith.I pray this time, it is enough.

***Barrel***The ominous, majestic power of the fallsignites my senses like few experiences can.Perhaps because we had to deal with eventslike this in our everyday life,we can never stray too far.I’m driven by a longing I don’t even comprehend myself.I must, at any cost, challenge her.To touch that primitive cord we seemed to have misplacedalong with our courage.There’s a dimension of our personality we so expertly suppressthat longs for the instinctive struggle,I’m starting to believe we became too proficient at.

***Deja Vu***

It was one of those days you felt grateful for the cold.The secure feeling of your coat felt so soothing.How nice it is to be young!The walk to school was long but you never really noticed.The endless adventure of it all seemed so timeless.She always smiled as she walked by.It’s hard to believe I was ever that shy.So much has happened since then, but I still remember her face.


I knew she was talking, but I couldn’t hear a word she saidFor hours I’m sure we talkedI only wanted to tell her one thingHow many times I’ve said the wordsWith only myself to hearWhat I wouldn’t have given not to have had toInevitableNo one dared look up. The color of the rain brought us all to tearsWe entered a new era, one which would have to be faced without ourHeart


If you listen really close, you can hear themLike faint whispers they comfort youOn a breezy autumn day you’re never alone

***Pot of gold***I’m flying higher and faster nowThere’s something I must findI must hurry before I’m discoveredI’ve come close so many timesIf only I could be clever enoughTo smuggle the bounty to the other sideHow many days I’d smile


I’m hanging by a thread and get the strangest impression they want it to break.Once in my life, once before I die, Id like to accomplish something resistantto criticism of the insecure elite. Why can’t I flourish among the privileged?My whole life I’ve been at war with the complaisant status quo and the system thatencourages that way of thinking.I’m not sure how much fight I’ve got left. I’m sure that givesa morbid sense of pleasure to the powers that be who also gave up.It’s very lonely when you’re trying to attain something remarkable.I hope I never forget how daunting the journey can be.And when the day comes that I see myself reflected in the aspirations of another,I hope I’ll find the strength to offer encouragement even if I’m also being consumedby bitterness. If I’m able, that may be the most remarkable thing of all.

***The Scientist***

I was once asked what I miss most.I replied with silence. I should have said;”Solitude. Simple, selfish solitude. That’s what I miss.”Some would say the exquisite rapture of a Monterey vista,or the lethargic grandeur of the Smoky Mountainsare just glorious accidents.I have my doubts.Ten years, countless countries. Not one tangible conclusion.What was I doing? I had to be doing more than biding time.There was always something in the background. The question.Of course the question. I was trying, although mostly failing,to understand the universal passion that keeps us all going.Were so different, but we love to live.I often wondered if it wasn’t the lack of choices thatreluctantly drives us on.The definition of success and contentment,whether revolving around monetary or social status,still eludes so many of us.I’m not sure what I expected. After all this time, I’m tormented;not because I didn’t find the answer,but the fact that I’m the only one surprised.

***Blue Line***Nearly without notice,before I can solidify a single thought,I’ve found a seat, responded to three questions,and began my dayIt’s amazing how easily we disengagewhen confronted with the banality of our mechanized existence.Five stops to go.Just another charge we adults must endure to earn the rights of civility.We desperately want to believe were unique in our lamenting.Clinging to this precious notion of individualism at all cost.It’s unnerving to trust someone to formulate the same logical conclusionthat we alone see clearly. We’re also just as resentful if other people can’tfollow our vision exactly as we designed it. We always want it both ways.It’s my stop,What would happen if our worst fears were true, and after all our efforts,the concept of being different is an illusion after all?Would the empire crumble?There’s one paradox that still eludes me on my best day:A simple smile. For a culture on the verge of understanding the universe,we’re still startled by the surge of emotion brought on by a smile.I’m sure I’ll figure it all out eventually. Luckily,I have every day to sort through it–Not that I’m in any hurry, though

***Three strikes***For a second I was there, in the park,children oblivious to my presence, laughing and playing with such light heartsI’m nearly overcome with serenity.The gentle fragrance of summer permeates my dominionThe secret refuge no one can enter, nor would they want too.

***Ruins***Like a tourist, I watch them dig and sift.A seemingly endless search for clues.Inch by inch with envious dedication,we’re finally able to reconstruct the last days of societiesthat were considered impregnable.As the past slowly gives up her secrets,we gingerly hold out hope. As daunting as it seems,history can still produce exceptions.

***Insomnia***All he wanted now was to escape the silenceKnowingly embrace our deepest regretTo settle for mediocrityHow easy it is for us to justifyHow sweet it must be not to be a coward

***Mother earth***

The day’s closingI still have the moonWhere’s my home?Must I choose?Many lands I want to seeNone more specialThen what’s under my feet


Sustained in darknessVoices long ago deserted by fate, resurrected by a beam of light.With mischievous abandonment, I proceed to devour the sacred text.Regardless of the hypocrisy, however awkward, the chance to peerinto the private domain of another’s life is relentlessly compelling.A restless heart, a warm farewell, a lost love. For a brief momentI’m lost in time. What was it like? I wanted to be there, to know,to feel, to go somewhere and be something other than myself.As I finished reading the letter, I wondered what became of themand what others would think about our letters.Some themes are timeless.At least I’d like to think so, however futilely romantic it may be.

***Soldier****I remember standing near the lake, the moon rising through the water.You could almost touch it. All around were snow- covered treesthat seemed to glow.It was so unbelievably beautiful it was hard not to cry.Forgive me, Father.They never told us.If I had known,I wouldn’t have let themSo many colors. Everything alive. You can breathe. The air!Oh, I love this air!Who could’ve envisioned a place so wondrousI don’t want to leave. Not ever. We don’t have anything like this.Everything I need is here: The water, the trees, even the insects.How I miss their sound!Imagine missing the sound of an insect.Maybe I can stay. Start again. They wont miss one man.If I could just be part of something this divine for one day, it’d be worth thelife of someone important. I would say my own, but I don’t have one.I thought I did, but not after today.

***Toss and Turn***I couldn’t take my eyes of it, the way the sun reflected of the grass,like a mysterious painting everything had its place.The wind gently carried a mist across the field,as it approached a hill it started to glow.As I stood there watching, I thought heard something strange.It was difficult to make out, but it sounded like crying.I begin to walk through a dark forest and above the sound of strange birds.Through the fog I see a stream, though not possible,it appears to be hurt and a color of which I’ve never seen.I reach a field where the corns short and brown.I’m running now.I finally see the shore.The fish aren’t moving, but floating aimlessly on the waves.I want to wake up, to know it was a dream. I have to believe there’s still time.

***Native***Mutually intrigued,we just stared for the longest timeThe pinnacle of my efforts manifested effortlessly.He longed for nothing because he didn’t realizethere were things to long for.He had arrived because there was nowhere else to go.Contentment derived from necessity.There’s a lesson here somewhere and I’m terriblyafraid I’m going to find it.


I dream of a world not yet painless.Everything I perceive as reality is rooted in freedom, yet I’m drawnto the plight of a generation that ended before I began.I wake to a cause, and for the first time, I understand sacrifice.My life means something, I’m no longer an ordinary man huddled in the bosom of routine.I’m connected, I’m worthy. If only it wasn’t too late.In an age ravaged by intolerance, he stood for something larger then himself.He wanted to change the world.Most of the time, I just want to survive.It seems so inadequate, but I ponder his legacy.He asked if it was possible to resist apathy.Occasionally, at a vulnerable moment, I believe it is.As I lay safe under the fruit of martyrs.I am again defined by freedom.My mind is allowed to wander.But, imagination is barren without heroes.Their words, their deeds, their vision,Waken in us our own aspirations.They honor us by their convictions.We honor them by our potential.


In a way she never left.The purity of her beauty still lingers in my every thought.Through her eyes, I gazed upon paradise.For a precious moment, she took me with her,A visitor in her world, where the lack of complexityshines brighter than the sun.


Standing there looking out at the endless plateau,The moon frozen, but exuding a personal beauty,A rare shade of yellow, seemingly meant for my singular appreciation.It’s moments like these I’m left wondering if anything can surpassthe healthy exuberance you feel on a slow, breezy desert night.I can’t say if I’m closer now than when I began my quest;I do know it matters less and less as time goes by.

****Once Upon A Love******

Flickers of happiness dance across the sky.I watch as they grow ever so bright, then disappear.Once, what seems so long ago, I was gallant enough tobelieve I could capture one.Eyes strained in darkness. Unveering, anxious.The moment of consumption.In all of my life, I’ve wondered if there could be such a love.My weakness grows under the weight of time.To touch her hair.To hold her hand.To share time.I’d recant all measurable substance.Remaining vigilant.Remembering your world, even as my own closes in.We are seeds, and will again grow anew.

About the Author

I have a B.A. in liberal studies.I write what interests me and hopefully you.

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How To Improve Confidence With Women – 3 Simple Rules

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Article by John Revilinsky

If you’re wondering how to improve confidence with women because you fear approaching them, there’s a simple three-step method that can help you out. Try implementing these three changes into your life, and you’ll automatically get a boost of confidence every time you talk to someone.

1. Assess your life

You need to first become the best, happiest man you can be. To do this, make a list of areas in your life where you feel unfulfilled. (Career, love life, and health/body might be some starting places.)

Then, ask how you can improve each of these areas. Make a list of small, achievable goals that allow you to create your ideal life. If this means getting a new job, start working towards that (don’t quit and just hope for the best, but make a slow transition). If it means meeting more women, make a list of places to go that you can meet women.

2. Let go of the fear of rejection

When you approach a woman, you are going to get rejected sometimes. This is a fact of life. Rejection happens, and it hurts.

But you may also be successful, so you have to make the choice: approach a woman and face the chance of rejection, or never approach, and spend the rest of your life alone, conquered by your fear?

If you choose to face rejection, understand that the more you approach women, the easier it will get over time. Your confidence will naturally improve as you talk to different people. You should make it a habit to chat up as many folks as you can, and not just women.

This will improve your social skills, and help you overcome the fear or rejection.

3. Detach yourself from outcomes

Here’s a proven fact: the less you care about the result of something, the easier it will be to achieve.

The less you care about a woman’s reaction to you when you approach her, the more likely she will be to take an interest in you.

This is a simple human psychological quirk; the less you seem to care, the more dominant you are perceived in society. The dominant individual is the one who draws and attracts people. (Much like alpha wolves in the wild.)

So, stop caring what women think when you approach them. Have your only goal be to start a conversation with her. It doesn’t matter what she thinks of you, or whether or not she accepts your company.

The wrap-up

Implementing these three things into your life will teach you the simplest, easiest ways of how to improve confidence with women. In reality, it is a simple matter of being the man you want to be, and taking charge of your life. When you do that, the rest will follow.

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